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ArtLesson CD-ROM

The complete interactive art studio on one CD-Rom. Providing the teacher makes sure that space and the right materials are available, any pupil should be able to work through the themes and activities and gain a great deal from them. The program is based upon long classroom experience. It will provide a sound introduction to observing and drawing from nature. The program contains a collection of high quality photographs showing some of the enormous variety of patterns to be observed in the world around us. Many of the pictures are from nature, others are human-made. Some are regular and symmetrical such as seed-heads or stone walls. Others are irregular like lichens or plant forms, and some are ready-made scenes to paint.

Throughout history artists have used such patterns to inspire drawings and designs of all kinds. Using these pictures as starting points we can do the same.

There are also many examples of pupils' work, along with animations, lessons in drawing and painting and hints on the use of materials.

From the Art Room, clicking on the various parts of the room will take you into the rest of the program. You can get help with this by clicking on the teacher's tray. Experiment until you have learnt what happens. You can return to the Art Room at any time by clicking on a button with a small picture of the Art Room upon it.

Pupils should begin with the first two or three themes to understand how the program works. After that, they may pursue an individual path through them at their own pace.

Experience in using the program should also open pupils' eyes to the vast source of inspiration that exists in the world out there!

  • Suitable for Key Stage Two AT 1 and AT 2.
  • Over 50 activities in 10 themes.
  • Art exhibitions of both pupils and famous artists work.
  • Colour studio, learn about colour, reflection and tone.
  • Animations and soubd effects.
  • Almost 100 royalty free PhotoCD images.
  • Requires Risc Os 3.1 or later, CD-Rom drive and 4Mb of RAM.
  • Comments

    • "I would thoroughly recommend artlesson. it is packed with fascinating information and invaluable sources of inspiration" Archive
    • "I found it fascinating. I was soon reaching for pencils and paints, keen to try out the ideas suggested on the disc" Archimedes World
    • "This super and affordable resource is quite unique in the field of art, and is a must for all primary schools" RISC User

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