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DeskLock is designed to protect unauthorised access to applications and directories on a computer in a multi-user environment such as a school. DeskLocks many features include:

  • Password protect named directories.
  • Protect named applications both from being loaded or examined (with SHIFT double click).
  • Prevent files being copied without the master password.
  • Blocks the F12 escape route from the desktop.
  • Disables ALT Break, SHIFT Break and CTRL Break key combinations.
  • Disables the Task Manager menu including Exit & New Task options.
  • Prevents users from running Obey or Basic files that they shouldn't.
  • Prevents files being renamed by users.
  • Prevents machines starting if they are turned on with the SHIFT key held down to stop them booting (Risc PC/A7000 only).
  • Stops users from running task windows.
  • Easy to use drag and drop configuration using the supplied DeskPass application.
  • Supplied with a simple installer. just double click and DeskLock will be installed.
  • Comprehensive illustrated on-line manual.
  • Requires Risc OS 3.1 or later and a hard disk.
  • Comments

  • "...I let a group of bright year 10 students loose on the machines, with the express purpose of cracking the system...they couldn't! ...remarkably good value for money and is highly recommended." Archive
  • "...simple and easy to use...well written and full of useful features." Acorn User
  • Warning

    Before installing Desklock on a machine make sure you have the master password and that you know how to de-activate the product. You have been warned.

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