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Dr Fonty was inspired by Edward Detyna of The Electronic Font Foundry who sadly passed away in May 2014

Dr Fonty

Dr Fonty is an enthusiasts version of FontFiend (our professional font editor). However Dr Fonty has a number of additions including routines that prevent a font with damaged scaffolding being saved out by the user. Dr Fonty's many features include:

  • On line illustrated manual that can be printed with any Risc OS printer driver.
  • Supports interactive help.
  • Both global font and individual character button bars.
  • Full time context sensitive on-line help system on the Dr Fonty button bar. This can be disabled if the user wishes.
  • Loads Risc OS 2, Risc OS 3 and Base 0 Acorn outline fonts.
  • Saves out in Risc OS 2 or Risc Os 3 format, Risc OS 3 fonts can include kerning and misc data areas.
  • Can also load Kerning files from FontFiend or FontKern.
  • Export fonts in PC PostScript format.
  • Can import & export draw files and incorporate them in existing or new fonts.
  • Transformation system to make new weights from existing fonts. When transforming Dr Fonty will also shift composite characters, correct accents, move scaffolds & skeletons as well as disconnecting any scaffolds that are no longer valid.
  • Edit a fonts misc data area including underline position and thickness.
  • Real time dragging of composites using the mouse.
  • Offers the same main table features as FontED including copy characters, insert composites and copy scaffolds..
  • Can repair damaged fonts that will not work or load into FontED.
  • Can load fonts that FontED cannot. For example fonts with "Cyclic Scaffold Link" errors.
  • Display both outline and filled versions of characters.
  • Can save out protected fonts that cannot be examined by a user.
  • Convert composite characters to real outlines and skeletons.
  • Full manual scaffolding control.
  • Can delete defective scaffolds or skeletons.
  • Includes special filters to clean excess control points, grid lock characters etc.
  • Flip characters either horizontally or vertically.
  • Make "open" fonts easily and quickly.
  • Alter the weight of a font in either the X or Y axis.
  • Dr Fonty requires Risc Os 3.1 or later, a hard disk and 4Mb of RAM (8Mb recommended).
  • Comments

    • "...Dr Fonty is a super addition to my main application group...much easier to use than the old Fonted...highly recommended." Archive
    • "...excellent font editor." Acorn User

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