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DrawWorks Millennium

The first CD based version of our award winning DrawWorks package. With over 440Mb of applications, fonts, clip art and resources DrawWorks Millennium is the ideal budget graphics package for Risc OS. Included are new full versions of Mr Clippy, Dr Fonty, Typography 2100 and ViVID graphics enhancers for non Risc PC computers. And with its new lower price DrawWorks Millennium offers even better value for money.

Millennium offers all the features of DrawWorks Designer and lots more, including:

  • DrawWorks Millennium vector/bitmap graphics package
  • Complete copy of Typography 2100 Expert with over 2100 superb outline fonts
  • Over 1000 pieces of clip art, 630 vector clips & 394 bitmap clips
  • NEW Mr Clippy clip art manager with nested clip art groups and WMF file support
  • Dr Fonty font editor including export Acorn fonts as PostScript Type 1
  • ViVID enhancers for pre-RiscPC computers including the A5000 and A7000
  • Import & Export of EPS PostScript files, import WMF (Windows MetaFiles)
  • Complete integrated package that can be run from CD or hard disk
  • All clips already referenced by Mr Clippy plus you can add your own clips
  • Colour print preview paper simulator system, CMYK and Spot colour separations
  • Tint objects shades of any colour,Alter CMYK/RGB colour levels,Contrast & Brightness tools
  • User defined multi-document text styles & auto convert text to paths when required
  • Comprehensive illustrated on-line manual and realtime interactive help
  • PureTint and Named spot colour pickers & automatic colour filling/tinting tools
  • Map making tool plus Lining style tool with custom styles
  • Automatic drop shadow tool, custom line width / pt size tools
  • Access clips directly from DrawWorks, even those you have added yourself
  • OLE sprite editing using !Paint plus spot colour separate sprite files
  • Configurable user levels, example effect worksheets
  • EuroSymbol support using special fonts & full font editing facilities
  • Tint bitmap images for use as backgrounds, anti-aliased file export (Sprite & GIFF)
  • View font examples without installing, iDesigner application to choose fonts for you
  • DrawTrix image effects processor, produce Isometric 3D projections easily
  • Hierarchical toolbar with grouped tools, tear off object tool bar
  • PostScript font names database and on-line font dictionary
  • Full control over Draws preferences including configurable undo buffer
  • Bend objects and text round circles, fit objects and text into pre-defined moulds
  • Print tiling across multiple sheets, all files fully compatible with Draw files
  • Sophisticated CMYK grey component compensation on colour separations
  • Easy to use and quick to master, the professional choice for graphic design
  • Tested on Risc OS 4 (pre release version) and other versions of Risc OS
  • Over 440Mb of applications, fonts & clips, Requires OS 3.1+, 4Mb Ram, CD-ROM
  • Comments

  • "...a vantage beater..." Chris Jarman
  • "...a whole range of new functionality...easy to pick up...a vital feature of only the best software...excellent...really makes a complete package...this is the right purchase..." Acorn User
  • "...undoubtedly the best new CD-Rom for RISCOS that I‘ve seen for a very long time...it‘s 423mb of extremely useful resources...here‘s no doubting that this is the company‘s best-value product to date. buy it without hesitation." Risc User
  • "...convenient and user friendly...very effective...superb value for money."Acorn Publisher
  • "...advanced colour options...value for professional users...a seriously good application...outstanding value for a collection of graphic design programs that can be thoroughly recommended."Eureka Issue 33

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