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The leading vector graphics package on RISCOS. DrawWorks integrates with !Draw to provide a professional level design package.The most up to date versions are DrawWorks XE and DrawWorks XL.

  DrawWorks XL

This is the latest commercial version of DrawWorks. It replaces all earlier versions.


  DrawWorks XE

The latest entry level version of DrawWorks is now available FREE. Suitable for all machines with RISCOS 3.1 or later including Select and the Iyonix. You can obtain DrawWorks XE using the download link on the left.


Earlier versions of DrawWorks

The products shown below are earlier versions and have been replaced by DrawWorksXL. However, we have kept the information about them available so that customers can see what features each had.


DrawWorks Millennium

A complete design studio on one CD. Includes DrawWorks Millennium, Typography 2100, Mr Clippy V1.80, Dr Fonty, over 1000 high quality clips, Font Designers Tookit and more! Suitable for all machines with RISCOS 3.1 or later and a CD-ROM drive.

Now made 32 bit neutral and available for free download


DrawWorks New Millennium

The version of DrawWorks released at the Wakefield 2000 show. Includes Typography 2500, Mr Clippy V2.00, FontFiend, almost 2000 high quality clips plus much much more. Suitable for all machines with RISCOS 3.6 or later and a CD-ROM drive.


DrawWorks Third Millennium

Major upgrade from New Millennium. Includes loads of new features and is compatible with RISC OS 3.1, or later, and !DrawDA (unlike previous versions of DrawWorks)


DrawWorks Select

This was similar to DrawWorks Third Millennium butwith various updates and modified so that it would also work with RISC OS Select.


DrawWorks SE

The old entry level version of DrawWorks which was available for free from this website. Now replaced by DrawWorks XE and DrawWorks Millennium (see above).


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