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DrawWorks Third Millennium

The newest version of our award winning DrawWorks package. The DTM Upgrade CD will work with either the DrawWorks Millennium CD or the DrawWorks New Millennium CD. This special upgrade CD will upgrade your existing DrawWorks to the latest version in a matter of minutes. Among the many changes are:

Main New Features

  • Compatible with future versions of RISC OS.
  • Works on all versions of RISC OS from 3.1 onwards.
  • Faster than any previous Millennium version of DrawWorks.
  • Over 50% less processor load than any previous version.
  • Autoscroll or manual scroll toolbars.
  • Autoscroll toolbars now move much faster.
  • DrawWorks toolbar now stays on screen whenever a Draw window is open.
  • All features now work with !DrawDA.
  • New microbar with commonly used features.
  • Line width, colour, rotate and scale options always available.
  • Font and pt size menus always available.

New Tools

  • Export as SVG option.
  • Export as PDF option (using GhostScript).
  • Writable options for start cap and end cap menus.
  • Nudge buttons for start and end cap triangle options.
  • Freehand drawing mode.
  • DWDistort tool to distort objects visually by dragging.
  • Extract the text from text objects automatically.
  • Export all text objects from a drawfile in one text file.
  • Text Area control tool including font and point size.
  • Change the number of columns in a text area easily and quickly.
  • Set margins, line spacing and paragraph spacing for text areas.

EPS Improvements

  • Double click an EPS file and it loads into Draw.
  • Unclosed objects render correctly in Adobe Illustrator

Improvements to existing features

  • Export GIF with NetSafe colour palette.
  • New moulds for the path moulder.
  • Path moulder can now handle grouped moulds.
  • Shadow tool auto groups all soft shadow layers.
  • Start cap and end cap menus tick to show current selection.
  • JPEG export tool improved.
  • Re-designed preferences window.
  • Nudge buttons no longer "Stick" in down position.


  • Tested on RISCOS 4 and !DrawDA.
  • A number of internal routines have been optimised for use on non SA machines.
  • Requires OS 3.1 or later, 4Mb RAM, CD-ROM and Hard Disc Drive.

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