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DrawWorks XL

The latest incarnation of the award winning DrawWorks package. Supplied on CD with over 540Mb of applications, fonts, clip art and resources. The best complete graphics package for RISC OS.

The new version, 4.63, is now available. This has a number of additions, including the ability to output a Drawfile as an 8, 16 or 24 bpp anti-aliased sprite instead of just 8 bpp as in previous versions. However, the main improvements are in operation with the newer OS's such as the Iyonix, A9 and RISC OS Six.

Included are new 32 bit compatible versions of:

  • Mr Clippy clip art manager with over 1,400 pieces of high quality clip art.
  • Dr Fonty font designer and editor
  • Typography 2500 with over 2,400 professional quality fonts.

Plus a series of font tools and and ViVID graphics enhancers for non RiscPC computers.

DrawWorks XL offers all the features of earlier versions of DrawWorks and lots more.

New features in DrawWorks XL

  • Works with RISC OS 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 4, Select, Adjust and the Iyonix. Most features will work on RISC OS 3.1.
  • Custom toolbars. You can now design your own personal toolbars so that the tools you most frequently use are always readily available.
  • A new 'tiling' tool to divide large drawfiles up into A3, A4 or A5 size sections.
  • A compact and simple to use Library where you can store components that you use in your work. This can also be used by other programs that can load drawfiles.
  • PNG import and export. This is independent of the PNG tools in Select/Adjust so can be used will all versions of RISC OS
  • A much wider selection of 'skins' from the plain grey (above) to ones which can really brighten up your desktop (below).
  • The DrawWorks toolbar can now be either at the top of the Draw window, above it or floating.

Toolbar features

  • Autoscrolling toolbars that follow the mouse pointer
  • Nudge buttons for font size, height and line width.
  • Shows currently selected font size and line width ticked on menus
  • Writable point size and height options on font menus.
  • Extended versions of Draw's line width and point size menus
  • Bolt-on toolbar, allows other apps to be integrated into DrawWorks.
  • Microbar with commonly used features

Import and Export Tools

  • TIFF import and 24 bit TIFF export at up to 1200dpi
  • JPEG import and export up to 1200 dpi with anti-aliasing
  • Export as sprite up to 1200 dpi with anti-aliasing
  • GIF import and export at up to 1200 dpi with anti-aliasing
  • PNG import and export
  • Export as SVG
  • Import and export as WMF
  • Import Artworks files
  • Import or export as Illustrator EPS
  • Bitmaps can be imported as 8 bpp or 24 bpp
  • OLE editing of Sprite and JPEG images
  • OLE editing of text areas

Enhancements to normal Draw features

  • PureTint and Named colour menus for line, fill and text colours
  • Object rotation dialogue box with nudge buttons to rotate in 1 degree steps
  • Flip objects in both X and Y Axis
  • Object scaling dialogue box plus 5% nudge buttons.
  • On screen anti-aliasing
  • Background font blending
  • Set the default line width for Draw
  • User selectable Grade and Interpolate levels
  • Line width scaling nudge buttons
  • Writable options for grid spacing and divisions
  • Preferences option for Draws default Grade and Interpolate levels

DrawWorks special tools

  • Metaliser tool to shade objects with metallic tones
  • Shadow tool with a variety of effects including soft edged shadows
  • Tracing of Bitmap images to convert them to vectors
  • Colour fitter - convert colours to their nearest named or Puretint equivalents
  • Automatically produce darker shades of named colours
  • Replace any colour with any other colour
  • Keep one colour intact while replacing other colours
  • Scale an objects line widths without altering its size
  • Produce CMYK separations with control over grey component replacement
  • Produce rotated and transformed patterns from objects
  • Freehand drawing mode.
  • Distort tool to distort objects visually by dragging
  • Extract the text from text objects automatically.
  • Export all text objects from a drawfile in one text file
  • Text Area control tool including font and point size, set the number of columns, margins, line spacing and paragraph spacing.
  • Text spiral tool to bend text into a curve or spiral
  • Printed paper simulator to simulate what your design will look like when printed on coloured paper
  • DrawWorks text Style system which allows you to create various text styles that can be selected from a menu
  • Colour tinting tool to make colours in an object lighter or darker
  • Contrast tool to alter the contrast of objects
  • Brightness tool to alter the colour balance of an object
  • RGB and CMYK colour balance tools
  • Step and Repeat tool to copy objects in a controlled way
  • Precision tool to precisely position objects
  • Object spacer to space out object with specified horizontal and/or vertical spacing
  • DrawTrix tool which can create a huge variety of effects including wrapping an object around a sphere or cylinder.
  • Path moulder which can take objects and mould them into a shape defined by another set of objects
  • Lining tool which can produce spectacular effects around the edge of objects
  • Map tool which can create a road map, including roundabouts, from a simple line drawing

.......and many more...


  • "A killer app..." Chris Hughes (Wakefield Acorn User Group)
  • Download version only includes the DrawWorksXL application. You can download copies of Mr Clippy and Dr Fonty from their respective pages.

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