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FontFiend is the intelligent font designer. FontFiend can make fonts with Latin 1,2,3 or 4 character sets. Automatically make accented letters and symbols in your font. Worried about the "black arts" of hinting a font. FontFiend can do this for you automatically.

FontFiend can also repair damaged fonts that won't load into FontED as well as loading many fonts that FontED cannot cope with. Supplied with a comprehensive printed manual and full on-line help FontFiend is the professional font designer.

Requires RiscPC with minimum 8Mb of RAM

FontFiend is the font editor the Acorn community has been waiting for. Some of its hundreds of features include:

  • Loads Risc OS 2, Risc OS 3 and Base 0 Acorn outline fonts.
  • Supports interactive help.
  • Full time context sensitive on-line help system on the FontFiend button bar. This can be disabled if the user wishes.
  • Saves out in Risc OS 2 or Risc Os 3 format, Risc OS 3 fonts can include kerning and misc data areas.
  • Can also load Kerning files, AFM files, Skeletons, Scaffolds and Composites from other fonts.
  • Can import and export draw files and incorporate them in existing or new fonts.
  • Automatic character builder. FontFiend can make accented letters, daggers, brackets and a number of symbols automatically.
  • Automatic scaffold models including Serif and SansSerif.
  • Encoding based, so FontFiend can handle Latin 1,2,3 and 4 fonts as well as custom encoding files.
  • Automatic skeleton routines.
  • Intelligent routines that understand fonts and are able to draw new characters in the style/weight of the existing font.
  • Accent auto-centering system so that FontFiend can automatically add accents to oblique/italic fonts.
  • Transformation system to make new weights from existing fonts. When transforming FontFiend will also shift composite characters, correct accents, move scaffolds and skeletons as well as disconnecting any scaffolds that are no longer valid.
  • Edit a fonts misc data area including underline position and thickness.
  • Real time dragging of composites using the mouse.
  • Offers the same main table features as FontED including copy characters, insert composites and copy scaffolds..
  • Can hint a font in under 20 seconds, including producing a proper scaffold tree.
  • Automatic scaffolding systems allows both global scaffolds and linear linking to improve quality.
  • Can repair damaged fonts that will not work or load into FontED.
  • Can load fonts that FontED cannot. For example fonts with "Cyclic Scaffold Link" errors.
  • Save out Kerning, Scaffolds or Skeletons and reuse them on another font. Loaded files are automatically scaled to fit the font being edited.
  • Can convert Base 0 fonts to any latin encoding.
  • Display both outline and filled versions of characters.
  • Can save out protected fonts that cannot be examined by a user.
  • Convert composite characters to real outlines and skeletons.
  • Full manual and automatic scaffolding control.
  • Can delete defective scaffolds or skeletons.
  • Includes special filters to clean excess control points, grid lock characters e.t.c.
  • Flip characters either horizontally or vertically.
  • Supports interactive help and includes 100+ page manual
  • This is only a small list of the hundreds of features offered by FontFiend. iSV Products will be continuing to develop FontFiend. Upgrade plug-ins will be available to add further features. For example to export PostScript outline fonts.


    • "It's excellent!" Kevin Simpson a trained typographer
    • "...an excellent piece of software...a must for anyone at all interested in font design." Toby Richards Dalmation
    • "...should be called fontfriend...meets my needs for latin3 fonts very well." Mr M. Omagh
    • "...a truly awesome program." Keith Parker
    • "...I was really impressed." Mr P Fareham
    • "Excellent product...certainly allows much easier manipulation of fonts." Mr D Stroud
    • "This took me thousands of hours over 5 years to write and now we are giving it away...Arggghhhhh" Mr A Timbrell

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