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   Other Worlds and StarFighter 3000   

There's now an even better version of StarFighter 3000! The greatest game for RISC OS makes a welcome return. StarFighter 3000 Other Worlds includes the new version of StarFighter re-compiled to make it 32 bit neutral and with many enhancements. Can now be run in a desktop window as well as full screen plus lots of other enhancements in this new release.

Also included are StrongARM and RISC OS 4 compatible versions of the classic space trading game Elite, one of the best games of all time. In addition a full version of the mission based space game SunBurst from VOTI, and the superb Air Supremacy are included.

All games are fully RISC OS 4 compatible and can be run either from hard disk or from the CD.

Note that Elite, SunBurst and Air Supremacy and not Iyonix compatible.



The ultimate collection of PD, Shareware and Freeware games for RISCOS. Every single games will run on a StrongARM processor and over 200 games also function correctly on RISC OS 4. For more details click the link below.

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