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StarFighter 3000 Other Worlds


The ultimate RISC OS games is back and has been improved for the new generation of RISC OS computers. Now supplied in DVD case with colour printed manual.

Welcome to Star Fighter 3000, The highest rated gameshow ever on a Fednet universal satellite channel. The year is 3037, and peak-time TV has acquired its most successful audience participation show ever. A result of the intensified battle for advertising revenue and military hardware between the two rival broadcasting companies, Fednet and TrashTV, lucky viewers were selected from thousands of applicants to take part in the Star Fighter UEP (Ultimate Expansion Programme).

The idea was simple ... Assemble an enormous military attack force around progressively difficult strategic locations (mostly belonging to TrashTV), invite viewers to take part in the ensuing battle, and broadcast the results ...unfortunately, the battle soon escalated into a universal conflict. TrashTV quickly made a number of allies, (mainly on the promise of cheap advertising), each being a powerful military force in the galaxy.

It's your job to eliminate the opposition, and everybody else that stands in the way of Fednet's rightful position as the only purveyor of quality entertainment through the known universe. Destroy their buildings, Exterminate their armies, Grind them into the dust, all for points and prizes.

So what's new in this release?

This release of StarFighter (V2) has a number of changes when compared with the original FEDNET release. Unlike the freely available patches for StarFighter this version has been re-compiled using the original sources.

  • Runs on StrongARM processors and RISC OS 4.
  • Now 32 bit neutral and tested on the Iyonix
  • Can now be run in a desktop window as well as full screen.
  • Much greater redraw distances than the original version.
  • Automatic speed detection so the game runs at the correct speed on all machines.
  • Sound pitch bend can now be enabled or disabled in the game's !Run file, for those who wish to experiment.
  • Much improved missile artificial intelligence.
  • Your H.U.D. will no longer target objects which are out of missile range of your fighter.
  • Improved handling of held mouse buttons and keypresses in the shop and mission map.
  • Proper error handling has now been incorporated into both the main code and the two support modules.
  • Corrected levels removing the bugs found in earlier versions.
  • Introduction re-written to include fades and other palette effects on RISC OS 3.5+. Can now be skipped neatly.
  • All animation/update timing has been fixed to be mode-frequency independent.
  • The 'view target' cursor now dynamically changes to reflect whether or not a remote view is available from different map positions. The exit from the remote view is now handled properly.
  • A new cross cursor now used to highlight location briefings on the map.
  • Redefine your control keys for easier piloting.
  • The screen buffering in the shop has been re-written to avoid the flickering of the credits display reported by some people.
  • The multicoloured hills (E35), the tree in the ocean (M01) and the mis-spelt banner (E01) have been corrected.
  • Some of the mountain colours have been altered to be more natural than the original bright green.
  • The textual prompts given for key redefinition have finally been reversed, so that "Climb" really means down and "Dive" really means up.
  • But not only does Other Worlds include StarFighter 3000 you also get three other superb classic games for RISCOS.

    Air Supremacy

    Start your battle in a first world war tank, move on to propeller aircraft, then jet fighters and finally into the future in this superb battle game.


    The classic space trading and combat game. Start from Lave and explore the entire universe avoiding, or even killing, pirates and Thargoids on the way. Earn your fortune in deep space!


    Explore the galaxy, complete your missions, destroy the enemy. Earn cash to upgrade your ship to improve its speed and firepower. A truly massive and engrosing game from Visions of the Impossible.

    SunBurst is a 2D shoot-em-up-come-Elite style game where you must fly a spaceship around 4 different galaxies to eventually stop an alien race from taking over. You traverse galaxies gaining money by trading where you can upgrade your ship and buy new ones while completing various missions. To hyperspace to another galaxy you do not need to purchase any equipment, all you need to do is to fly to a special space station (one in each galaxy called JumpStat) and press 'H'. A hyperspace gate will open and you fly into it. Docking is equally simple, all you have to do is gain permission by pressing 'D' and if granted you fly into/over the space station.

    The missions roll on one after the other so you don't have to be a specific status to trigger most of them. The radar is located to one side of the main screen as well as in the centre of the main screen, a sort of head-up-display. To pick up cargo, you need no extra equipment, just fly over the yellow cylinders to pick them up and sell them at any station. Some space stations have games to play, either a casino or a phase-to-stun game, these can gain you money but equally use up your money.

    • Lots of missions including some really tricky ones.
    • Many in-flight scenarios - Including trade routes, asteroid showers and mine fields.
    • Trading - Between home worlds and space stations.
    • Multiple ships - Exchange your knackered ship (and some credits!) for a gleaming new one.
    • Upgrades - Buy thrusters, missiles, ECM, AdvancedECM, Cloaking device, Windows'95 and more for your new ship!!
    • Textual hints in case you get stuck.
    • Status bar colour change and damage indicators.
    • Loading and save your games at any point.
    • Auto level hardness detector - If you're doing well then the computer makes things tougher!

    Note that Elite, SunBurst and Air Supremacy are not Iyonix compatible.


    • "Extremely good fun to play...never a dull moment...should have you coming back for more...buy it NOW!"Acorn Arcade review of StarFighter 3000
    • "...there are lots of good things to say about this game (Sunburst)...while this game isn't full of FMV and 3D graphics, it makes up for it with gameplay..."Acorn Arcade review of SunBurst
    • "...if you take time to complete the missions this game will reward you...this game is a must..."Acorn Gaming review of SunBurst.

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