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StrongGames V2

The ultimate Public Domain, Freeware and Shareware games CD for RISCOS. Over 230 games suitable for use with both the StrongARM and RISCOS 4. Many of the games have been modified so that they run correctly. Includes the following:



  • 21 Adventure games including Elite, Castle Blackheart, Shuggy and many more.
  • 36 Arcade games including versions of Frogger, PacMan, Thrust, Pinball and many more.
  • 41 Desktop games including Chess, Monoploy, Solitaire, Othello plus puzzle games.
  • Educational games such as Spelling and Hangman.
  • 6 Complete flight simulators including StarWars X-Wing.
  • 24 Multiplayer arcade games including MarsQuake, BombaMan, Pong, Tremor, Dogfight and more.
  • 12 Great Platform games including Jet Set Willy, Manic Miner, Terramex and TwinWorld
  • 23 great puzzle games including BubbleImpact, Pushy2 and Super Foul Egg.
  • 17 Shoot em-ups, including BotKiller, Spheres of Chaos, Tanks, Asteriods, and YAIG.
  • 8 Sports games such as Golf, Cricket, Skiing, Bowling and Darts
  • 8 Strategy games including Risk, Chess, Air Traffic Control and Cretacious Park.
  • Fun games like Sheep Racing, Bunny Race and others.
  • View a screen shot of each game on screen before playing it.
  • Requires RISC OS 3.1 or later, CD-ROM drive and a hard disk.
  • Over 230 superb games for StrongARM and RISCOS4.

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