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An on screen manual editor and designer that produces complete stand alone manual applications which can include both text (in different weights) and drawfiles Some of its many features include:

  • OLE editing using Draw and Edit.
  • Loads both text and drawfiles (which can include embedded sprites).
  • Anti-aliased WYSIWYG display.
  • Loads pages individually so its ideal for use across a network.
  • Easy to use with only four editing tools.
  • Documents produced can be freely distributed at one site.
  • Read only manuals are encrypted to prevent unauthorised access.
  • Complete with some example documents to demonstrate the features.
  • Read only documents will even run on one 1Mb machine with no hard drive.
  • Only advances one page at a time to keep network activity to a minimum.
  • Prints out to any Risc OS printer driver exactly as it shows on the screen.
  • Window auto adjusts its size to the current screen mode. So page can be viewed correctly on VGA and TV type monitors.
  • Search for any string of text.
  • Export the current page as text.
  • Export the whole document as text.
  • Go to a particular page using the page heading menu.
  • FREE example documents available from this page (182K)
  • Comments

  • "..lovely program...very pleased..." Mr S. London
  • "A great program." Geoff Preston Acorn User
  • "...easy to use..." Mr P. Notts
  • "Thanks, super program" Mr L. Dorset

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