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PublishArt 98

Publish Art is the ultimate collaction of resources for desktop publishing and web design. All files are supplied in both vector formats and bitmap formats suitable for either Acorn or Windows computer systems.

  • On-line illustrated HTML manual
  • Over 12,000 designs for web pages.
  • All supplied in JPG and GIF formats (with anti-aliasing).
  • Over 3250 vector images in Draw, ArtWorks and WMF format.
  • Pin sharp reproduction of all images.
  • Plus Bonus textures, user guide and hints book (HTML format)
  • Designs by a number of well known Acorn artists.
  • A total of over 15,000 images!
  • FREE educational site licence.
  • Comments

  • "Publishart 3 will be the ideal resource for the home and educational markets" Acorn User
  • "Good quality and excellent value a must for every desktop publisher. if your documents need spicing up I'd seriously recommend that you buy a copy of publishart..." Arc World
  • "A valuable collection of resources, and if you have a CD rom player the free extras make this format a bargain buy. my overall impression of publishart is one of great satisfaction. The author has had the wonderful idea of bringing together a miscellany of high quality dtp into one tremendous package. Publishart is a one-stop-shop for anybody engaged in dtp work from the professional to the enthusiast." Micro Computer Mart
  • "The great benefit of this collection is that you don't have to wear yourself out trying to think up original designs. A quality product, well thought out and useful..." Archive
  • "When I took some of my older dtp documents and merged either an appropriate symbol, corner design, or backdrop design, I was stunned by the difference this made to my document." Silicon Village
  • "... I have to say that publishart release 2 really does represent good value for the 35 it costs. the quality of the graphics is uniformly excellent, and the choice available is now very substantial indeed." Acorn Publisher

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