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Penulator is a combination of a Logic Pen and iSV Products own Penulator mouse driver. Unlike traditional graphics tablets Penulator has a very large work area and can even be used with a normal mouse mat. Penulator is compatible with all applications that use a mouse. You can even configure the resolution of the pen using the Acorn Configure application the same way you would a mouse.

Penulator requires a RiscPC or A7000 computer system and uses the internal serial port.
The combined hardware and software of Penulator offers many features including:

  • On-line illustrated manual
  • Full interactive help support.
  • Easy to use front end that allows you to set all the Penulator features.
  • 200 cpi resolution and an 8 cable.
  • Swap between mouse and pen with just one ADJUST click on the penulator icon.
  • Produce freehand vector artwork directly into Draw (see the example download).
  • Can be used with any application even outside the desktop.
  • Configure the type of freehand drawing used by the pen.
  • Rubber band drawing using the cursor keys.
  • Control the mouse pointer with cursor keys
  • Set the freehand resolution used by the pen.
  • Wrap the pointer around the screen edges.
  • Emulate mouse clicks from the keyboard.
  • Can be used with both vector and bitmap art packages.
  • Can also be used with a PC card (drivers are included).
  • Can be used right or left handed.
  • Much more natural to use than a mouse.
  • Ideal for producing cartoons and any type of artwork that needs to look hand drawn.
  • Comments

  • "Great, just what I wanted." Mr H. Huddersfield
  • "Great fun with draw!" Mr B. Leicester
  • "..an essential purchase..recommend it wholeheartedly." Acorn User Oct 1998
  • Read this before downloading

    Penulator mouse pens have been unavailable for some years, but we have been asked to make the application/driver available. The Penulator connected via the serial port and so the driver will re-configure the computer to use a serial mouse if the penulator icon is click on. If you don't have a serial mouse please don't run the Penulator app.

    If you ignoted the above and your mouse has stopped dead you will need to change the settings. Press F12 and type:

       *configure mousetype 0

    then press Return twice to go back to the desktop. Your mouse should now be working again (these instructions apply to RiscPC and VirtualRPC)

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