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Report Generator

A comprehensive package that allows school reports to be produced quickly and simply. Just type in the name of the student and then click on any one of the hundreds of standard phrases supplied and they are typed directly into your word processor. A site licence vesion is available at only £40.00. Some of Report Generators many features include:

  • Contains hundreds of example statements.
  • All statements are automatically entered using the correct descriptors (he/she/himself/herself) etc.
  • Easy to add you own customised generator statements.
  • Compatible with all word processors.
  • Automatically insert spaces and carriage returns from the Report Generator window.
  • Runs on 1MB machines but 2MB is recommended.
  • Statement banks have colour coded entries to make selection as easy as possible.
  • Add new statements into a group both before and after existing statements.
  • Edit any existing statements to suit your own style of writing school reports.
  • Even have multiple banks of statements for different members of staff.
  • Comprehensive on screen illustrated manual with search and print.
  • Comes with almost 500 built in statements.
  • Imports students in CSV data format.


  • "...difficult to seperate from the competition, the difference is that it is about half the price!" Acorn User Feb 97
  • "...excellent...takes the toil and sweat out of report writing!" Mr I. W. Midlands
  • "Constructing the report is really very simple..a godsend." Risc User Sept 1997

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