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The budget spreadsheet and table generator, ideal for machines with only 1 or 2 Mb of memory. TableCalc is designed to be the perfect introductory or light use spreadsheet. Easy to use and quick TableCalc is ideal for school environments. Some of the deatures include:

  • OLE linking with Impression, simply hold down ctrl and double click on the file to edit it, close the edited file and it will reappear in Impression.
  • Point and click expression editing.
  • Expressions in cells are locked to prevent accidental over typing.
  • Multiple user definable text styles including control over font, size and justification.
  • Export as Draw, TableCalc and CSV.
  • Import CSV from other spreadsheets.
  • Easy to use button bar with common functions.
  • Support of 24bit colour on all machines.
  • Full interactive help display.
  • Copy expressions between slots easily and quickly.
  • Math functions include square root, sine, cosine etc, over 14 in all including VAT.
  • Expression functions include summation, average, power etc.
  • Automatic initialisation of cells with incremental numerical values either across or down.
  • Adjust cell sizes by dragging.
  • Convert between text and numbers.
  • Take snapshots.
  • Multiple files in memory at once.
  • Insert or delete columns/rows both before and after the cursor.
  • Copy and paste individual slots.


  • "...Tablecalc interfaces with Impression using ole ...as it only takes 260k it is very economical on memory." Acorn User April 95
  • "...should give the producers of schema, resultz and eureka something to think about." Acorn User March 95
  • "...delightful to use.." Alex Singleton Acorn User
  • "Had these features been incorporated in Dalriada's Tablemate II, it might have satisfied the wish list..." Archive August 1995
  • "I particularly like its ease of use, the on-line manual and the reference card." Mr H. Devon
  • "...impressed at how easily I have been able to use it." Mr D. Woking
  • "Thank you very much, it looks great and is just what I needed." Mr C Surrey
  • Acorn User Awards 1995 Runner-up Best Business Software.

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