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ViVID graphics enhancers

ViVID graphics enhancers are available for most Acorn computers running RISC OS 3.1 or later. ViVID graphics enhancers are designed to improve the display produced by pre-RiscPC Acorn computer systems. All the versions of ViVID (except ViVID 7000) share a common user interface (Mode Picker) which allows you to easily select the screen modes offered. In addition all versions of ViVID allow you to measure the speed of each screen mode, set up a default mode, number of colours and palette that will be used each time your load ViVID. The toolbar allows you easy access to all ViVID controls including the brightness/contrast controls. All versions of ViVID are fully compatible with all correctly written multi-tasking applications. Only ViVID 7000 is compatible with the A7000/ RiscPC computer systems. To see which version of ViVID would best suit your system please consult the table shown below.

ViVID compatibility



For all Acorn computers with 50hz TV type monitors (eg Acorn AKF11/Phillips CM8833). ViVID CGA offers much larger desktops, less flicker and improved resolution (twice the number of pixels in EGA+ modes). Please note that ViVID CGA is not suitable for a TV or Aries branded 50hz monitor.

  • Easy to use RiscPC style mode picker.
  • All work areas available in 256 colours.
  • Work areas up to 2560x1200, 1600x1200 in 256 colours.
  • Refresh rates up to 60hz.
  • Save default screen mode/colours.
  • Requires no extra hardware and works with Arm2/Arm 250.
  • Does NOT need a VIDC enhancer.
  • Compatible with all correctly written multi-tasking applications.
  • Comprehensive illustrated on screen manual with full instructions.
  • Only uses 32K of memory (in addition to any screen memory required).
  • EGA+ modes offer an image similar to that produced by a VGA monitor.


  • "Thanks very much...as i expected and more!" Mr P. Bangor
  • "I am very pleased with the improvement to my screen...thank you." Mr T Matlock
  • "The quality of the software is top rate." Mr D. Southampton
  • "Many thanks - an excellent product!" Mr R. St Albans
  • "Vivid CGA gives me a much improved screen display." Mr R Chelmsford
  • "..the graphics detail level is superb in the ega+ modes." Mr B. Glasgow


ViVID Lite

ViVID Lite is designed for Acorn computers that have a multisync monitor but do not have a VIDC enhancer. These include the 300 series, 400 series and the A3000. ViVID lite offers much larger desktops, less flicker in existing modes and improved resolution.Please note that while ViVID Lite will offer a distinct improvement over the standard screen modes you will get a much better display by using a VIDC enhancer along with ViVID20. If your machine has had a VIDC enhancer fitted then you will need ViVID20. We have produced ViVID Lite after numerous requests from customers who want a copy of ViVID but only have an older machine with no VIDC enhancer.

  • Easy to use RiscPC style mode picker.
  • Most work areas available in 256 colours.
  • Work areas up to 1600x1200 (XGA).
  • Refresh rates up to 60hz.
  • Save default screen mode/colours.
  • Requires no extra hardware and works with Arm2/Arm 250.
  • Does NOT need a VIDC enhancer.
  • Compatible with all correctly written multi-tasking applications.
  • Comprehensive illustrated on screen manual with full instructions.
  • Only uses 32K of memory (in addition to any screen memory required).


  • "...works very well...the screen display is much improved." Mr R. London


ViVID 20

ViVID 20 is the original software graphics enhancer as used in thousands of Acorn computer systems. ViVID20 offers much larger desktops, higher resolutions and is compatible with all pre-RiscPC computers fitted with a VIDC enhancer. ViVID20 comes in four different versions to suit different machines and monitors. The 17" monitor versions of vivid20 can drive most generic svga 17" monitors.

  • A new toolbar (as seen in ViVID5000).
  • More new screen modes for 14" monitors.
  • now only uses 32k of memory.
  • improved screen display in emulated high resolution screen modes by using anti-aliasing.
  • automatically switches between hi-res
  • lo-res and emulated wimp sprites to provide the best possible desktop display.
  • desktops uo to 1600x1200 and beyond.
  • flicker free version of Atomwide's mode 102.
  • provides over 100 new screen modes


  • "Remarkable...Verdict:Excellent" risc user oct 95
  • "...very useful..." dr m. malvern
  • "...works very well..overwhelming!" mr b. southport
  • "...very satisfied and impressed..." mr g. southampton
  • "...it's great...very easy to use..." mr f. reading
  • "Thanks again for your excellent software." mr w. devon
  • "Very pleased with ViVID20. Thank you." mr p. reading
  • "...wonderful and lives on my icon bar permanently - it really helps..." dr s. lincoln
  • "What an excellent piece of software." mr b. cambridge
  • "Very useful when a larger desktop work area is needed." mr r. swansea


VIVID 5000

Vivid 5000 is specially designed for the acorn a5000/4000/3010/3020 with a 14" MultiSync monitor. ViVID 5000 is based upon ViVID 20 but with the following enhancements:

  • Most work areas now available in 256 colours Including: 1024x768 and 2112x1664.
  • Refresh rates up to 64hz.
  • Comes with SuperVIDC application to boost the refresh rate of all 256 colour modes.
  • New on screen illustrated manual.
  • Easy access to utilities using a new toolbar.
  • 1600x1200 work area in 256 colour at 60hz*.
  • Now works with machines fitted with a ColourCard or ColourCard Gold.
  • Almost no slowdown even in big 256 colour modes (Using an A5000).
  • Compatible with ARM250, 25Mhz Arm3 and 35 Mhz Arm 3.
  • Large 16 colour modes can actually operate quicker than with a graphics accelerator card.
  • Requires no extra hardware. Only uses 32K.


  • "...enjoy the immense resolution and gloat...an essential purchase for any a5000 owner." Matt Browne Risc User
  • "...a great package...vivid 5000 will be staying on my hard disk." Mike Tomkinson Archive
  • "Vivid 5000 is excellent!!" - Mr C. Huntingdon
  • "Wow, great program, very helpful when displaying photo cd's" Mr S. Chorley


ViVID Gold

For all Acorn computers fitted with a ColourCard Gold and a Multisync monitor. Note ViVID Gold is not suitable for machines fitted with an ordinary ColourCard. For best results we recommend a 15" or larger monitor. Features include:

  • easy to use risc pc style mode picker.
  • easy control over refreshes per second.
  • much larger 16 bit desktops eg work area of 1024x768 with 32,000 colours.
  • full control over all the colourcard gold features.
  • refresh rates up to 100hz (on a 17" or larger multisync monitor).
  • Compatible will all correctly written multi-tasking applications.
  • Up to 1.92 million pixels on screen.
  • True 1600x1200 greyscale modes and 1600x1200 256 colour.
  • Intelligent mode switching. If a mode of the requested size or number of colours cannot be produced due to the screen size limit ViVID GOLD will gradually bring in more emulation until the mode can be displayed.
  • Only uses 32K of memory.
  • Anti-aliasing used to improve the screen display in hi-resolution emulated modes.
  • Automatically switches between hi-res, lo-res and emulated wimp sprites and system font.
  • New improved colour palettes and dithering.
  • Display over 200 grey scales and have the normal wimp palette in 256 colour modes.


  • "I don't know how there can be any customer comments as we never sold any..." C Source-Code (Mrs)


ViVID 7000

ViVID 7000 is designed for the Acorn A7000 or RiscPC computer with no VRAM. ViVID 7000 requires a multisync monitor. Two different versions are supplied, one for normal 14" multisyncs (such as the AKF 50 or 52) and one for 15" and 17" monitors.

  • Interfaces with the RISC OS display manager so resolutions and numbers of colours can be easily chosen.
  • Offers much larger 256 colour modes, up to 1024 x 768.
  • At last A7000 owners can use sensible 32,000 colour modes such as 640 x 480 or 736 x 536.
  • Enables A7000 machines to display full 24 bit colour for the first time.
  • Special ReplayFS screen modes for smooth showing of replay files.
  • Includes definitions for all old RISC OS 3.1 screen modes.
  • Gives the A7000 similar graphic capabilities to the A7000+.
  • Compatible with all correctly written multi-tasking applications.
  • Comes with illustrated on screen manual
  • Easy to use automatic installer
  • V1.4 now comes with an un-installer as well so that it you ever need to removed ViVID 7000 you can do it easily and quickly.
  • Two different versions supplied to suit most multi-sync monitors.


  • "...wonderful..what an improvement..will certainly improve general desktop usability.." Acorn User Sept 1997

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