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XStitch Sovereign

The latest version of our range of XStitch design products. Includes all the features of XStitch 2 and lots lots more including:

  • Support for Anchor and DMC thread colours.
  • Quicker chart generation.
  • Scale sprites to fit the canvas size.
  • Importation of JPEG, GIFF, TIFF files.
  • Make canvases from scratch.
  • Save out designs in XSCanvas format so they can be edited later.
  • Full canvas editing and drawing tools, including boxes, lines, circles etc.
  • Undo option to recover from mistakes.
  • Copy sections of the canvas around.
  • Flip both vertically and horizontally.
  • New on screen colour manual.
  • New minimise colour option so that only the colours used in the design are shown.
  • All features are available from easy to use button/tool bars.
  • OLE sprite editing using !Paint.
  • Print out designs and reference charts.
  • Scale printed design size in units of 5% to save wasting paper.
  • WYSIWYG preview mode, shows what your design will look like when stitched including backstitch.
  • Improved canvas display with anti-aliasing.
  • User selectable grid colour, backstitch colour and symbol colour which can be changed on the fly.
  • New skein count routine, no need to guess the amount of thread needed.
  • Motif tool, use the built in motifs, select the one you want and just add it to your design using any colour.
  • Create your own motifs easily and quickly and save them for later use.
  • Add text to your canvas using any available outline font.
  • Two undo types - either undo a whole operation in one go, or undo 1 stitch at a time (up to 3800 stitches).
  • Faster canvas editing (up to twice the speed of XStitch2).
  • Much easier to resize a source image up or down without losing aspect ratio.
  • Supports paper sizes up to A3 (in both portrait and Landscape).
  • Full time on-line help available on the tool bar.
  • Customise the user experience, this alters both estimated stitching time and skein count.
  • Set the brightness of 256 colour images when imported.
  • Directly import Drawfiles (as well as Sprites, JPEG, Windows bitmap, GIFF e.t.c).
  • Faster screen redraw and faster printing too.
  • Requires Risc Os 3.1 or later, a hard disk and 2Mb of RAM. !ChangeFSI is used for some image processing.


  • "..absolutely brilliant...remarkable...highly recommended..." Archive
  • "..amazing...a class product...highly recommended!" Acorn User Sept 97
  • "...very impressive..." Mr W. Moray
  • "...clever peice of software - mother in law very happy!" Mr W. Nottingham
  • "...does a very good job..." Mr S. Reading
  • "Brilliant!" Mrs W. Herts
  • "Having used other stitching formats on a PC there is no comparison...brilliant" Mr C. Sussex
  • "Brilliant! works with an A5000 like a dream." Mr S. Stockport

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