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All of the RISCWorld applications that you can download from the RISCWorld section of the APDL website are copyright 3QD Developments Ltd and/or the Estate of David Holden. Whilst a single user will not have to make a payment to use any of the RISCWorld applications this does not mean that they are 'Public Domain' or 'Freeware'. Use of any of the RISCWorld applications are subject to the terms of the licence below.

RISCWorld & A.P.D.L. Software Licence


The following expressions have the meaning given below:

'RISCWorld application' means any computer software that has been supplied by RISCWorld or by A.P.D.L. under the RISCWorld banner and that is available for download from the RISCWorld section of the A.P.D.L. website.

'3QD Developments Ltd' means the company 3QD Developments Ltd who hold copyright over the RISCWorld applications.

'A.P.D.L.' means the website where applications developed or marketed by David Holden are now available.

'The Estate of David Holden' means those who have been appointed to look after the interests of David Holden.


3QD Developments Ltd and The Estate of David Holden grants you a free of charge, non-exclusive, non-transferable, royalty free personal licence to download KeyMouse and to install said application on any of your computers that are running RISC OS. You may take backups of KeyMouse for your own use. Please note that KeyMouse is licenced for personal use only. Commercial use (including any form of distribution) will require a chargeable commercial licence.

You may not incorporate all (or any of) this RISCWorld application into other applications, products or services developed by (or on behalf of) you and/or used by you. In addition you may not reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble the KeyMouse application.


You may not rent, lease, gift, loan, sell, distribute or transfer possession of any of the RISCWorld applications in whole or in part without prior written permission from 3QD Developments Ltd. Distribution of any of the RISCWorld applications requires a special commercial licence for which a charge will be made.

If you are asked for a copy of any of the RISCWorld applications you should direct the person concerned to the RISCWorld section of the A.P.D.L. website where they can download their own copies of any of the RISCWorld applications.


This licence is effective until terminated. You may terminate the licence by destroying the application (and all copies thereof). This licence will terminate automatically without notice if you fail to comply with any of its provisions. In addition 3QD Developments and/or The Estate of David Holden reserve the right to terminate this licence without notice. Upon termination you must destroy the Software (and all copies thereof) and forfit all rights under this licence.


The RISCWorld applications are supplied "as is" and 3QD Developments Ltd/The Estate of David Holden/A.P.D.L. expressly exclude all warranties, express or implied including (but not limited to) warranties of satisfactory quality, merchantability, fitness for purpose and non-infringement (save to the extent that the same are not capable of exclusion at law). In no circumstances will 3QD Developments Ltd be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental damage (including loss of profits, business interruption and loss of data) arising out of the use or the inability to use RISCWorld applications.


The above terms and conditions supersede any prior agreement, oral or written, between you and 3QD Developments Ltd relating to the RISCWorld applications. This End User Licence will be governed by the laws of England.

Accepting the licence

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