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What's also on this CD-ROM?

This CD-ROM contains a number of utilities and pieces of software to accompany the articles in the magazine.


There are three utilities to help you read this disc (RISC OS users only):

  • A file-only copy of Fresco, to display the HTML. This will only run if you don't already have a copy of Fresco installed, so that it won't overwrite your cache.
  • ArcFS, which can be used to read the archived software on the disc.
  • SparkPlug, an alternative de-archiver which will also work on .ZIP files.

Usenet archive

Also included on the disc is an archive of the comp.sys.acorn.* newsgroups since early December 1999. These are stored in a special read-only version of Messenger Pro which will allow you to view the messages, but nothing more complicated. The archive is presented 'as is', and RISC World doesn't make any guarantee about the usefulness, relevance or acceptability of any information contained in it.

Other software

There is some demonstration and 'PD' software on the disc to accompany articles in the magazine. These are stored in ArcFS archives in the SOFTWARE directory and a copy of the read-only version of !ArcFS in included in the UTILS directory.

Note that all of this software is for use on RISC OS computers only. If you are reading this on any other type of computer you will need to transfer these archives to a RISC OS machine to de-compress them and run the programs.

  • AICQ - AcornICQ - see PD World
  • ANALYSIS - Analysis - see Data Analysis
  • DILBERT - Dilbert - see PD World
  • MAWK - Mawk - See AWK programming series
  • NUKE - Nuke - see PD World
  • RNDPASS - RNDPass - see PD World
  • SLAYER - Slayer- see PD World
  • CADDEMO - Pro Cad demo
  • DWORKS - Draw Works SE from iSV Software.