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Hugh Jampton goes surfing for rubbish.

I must confess I rather like the Internet and the World Wide Web. it manages to collect together all that's best, and all that's worst. That's where I am going right now, a one way ticket to Worse-ville! I must say I have a fascination with pointless tat, our house is full of amusing electronic oddities, and so are my bookmarks! So for your delight I thought I might point you towards some of the web sites that make me laugh.

In order to access any of the links below you will of course need to be connected to your ISP (Internet Service Provider), then stand by for a few minutes of pointless amusement, after all thats what the Internet is for, isn't it?

Arghh! Its Pokeman overload time

Well this one had me, I even tried it several times to make sure. A great trick.

Can a web page read your mind? Probably not, but then you never know!

Want to know if that particular person is the ideal match, well this can help.

Finally web cam software that works on RISCOS, I thought the picture was remarkably good.

The famous cartoonists home on the web. If you like The Far Side you will love this, if not then perhaps you shouldn't click here. Contains some great animated GIF cartoons.

RISC World

Some excellent spoof advertisements from a mainly american based anti-corporation site.

Well that's it for this months collection of World Wide Weirdness. If you have any great links then why not send them in and we will publish them for the amusement of all. See you next time!

Hugh Jampton