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It's bright, it's breezy and the answers are cheesy!

Welcome to the first ever RISC World letters page. Lets face it we are now up to issue 5 and so far we haven't had a letters page, simply because no one has bothered writing in. However after our esteemed editor took over on issue 4 it seems that everyone, well a few people have written to us.

Dear Sir,
I enjoyed reading the Weird World Web article by Hugh Jampton.
It has always puzzled me why people make fun of names.
Yours sincerely,
Ivor Littlehampton :-)

I am delighted you enjoyed the Weird World Web article, did any of our readers solve how the Magic Trick was done? I have never understood why people make fun of names either. However it does seem that you may have got the short straw.

Dear Editor,
Thanks for the tutorial on DrawWorks. I have had the Millenium edition for a
few months now but never really found time to get to grips with it. I spent an
hour or so working through the Logo example and learned an awful lot. More
Angela Craggs

The DrawWorks series seems to be very popular and our editor has been nailed up in his box writing the next instalment for the last few days, which is why I've been allowed to write the letters page! However if there are other things you would like to see in RISC World then just ask, and we will do our best to write what you want.

Dear Editor,
I think you should resign and give the job to that nice
Hugh Jampton.
Mrs Jampton

Gosh, such support, and from my mother too. If you think the editor should resign and I should be put in charge just send a cheque (made out to cash) to Hugh Jampton Support Fund, 12 Watercress Crescent, London, WC Fields.

Dear Editor,
Perhaps I might be allowed to make a few comments - I hope that you will not take offence.

Tickled that I have won the latest 'CrossWord' competition. I hope to go to
the South-East Show at Epsom and will see David/APDL there. However, is it
not time to vary the type of puzzle. It took me no time at all to do the
latest one, helped greatly by Publisher's spell-checker. I'm not submitting
my solution and I trust that you would stop individuals getting repeat

Thanks for someone sorting out the UseNet access - I had been meaning to say
that I had failed previously to be able to read them.

This edition of Risc World has two 'blemishes' that I have not met so
persistently before. (1) I was frequently told that I could not read audio
discs - a second click then loaded the required file - irritating but not
fatal; (2) the HTML kept 'breaking up' when I went back to earlier pages -
backgrounds changed, the bar down the left-hand side disappeared or got
'jitters', and what I assume are HTML commands were displayed instead of
early parts of the page.

I run this on a RiscPC with an early StrongArm chip, RO4.02, using Fresco
2.02 and cdfs 2.37.

I do not like your new speckled-yellow background - my eyes are getting old,
and it adds an unnecessary challenge to my reading text on the screen. Like
some magazines that I know that have created very pretty-looking pages by,
for example, having text superimposed on a picture of a breaking wave, or
where the background is partly dark blue.

Best wishes
Graham Howlett

I have had to refer this one to Aaron for his comments:
Firstly the Puzzle has now been pulled from RISC World. We may well be introducing a new type of puzzle in the future. The person to thank about the UseNet access is Andrew Rawnsley, and he does a sterling job. The problem with the CD may well be down to the version of CDFS you are using, see the editors Rant of the Month for more details. The future of the yellow background is undecided. So far we have had two people say they didn't like it, and two others saying they loved it. What do other readers think?

Well that's it for the letters page, I'm off to stick pins in a model of Gordon Brown, see you next issue!

Hugh Jampton