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Hugh Jampton goes surfing for Christmas Presents.

Well Christmas is just around the corner (he's writing this in October - ED) and we are already unpacking the tinsel and digging up one of next doors fir trees. However what can I get people for Christmas. I know what I want and have already written my note:

Dear Jim,
Please fix it for me to have a Microdigital Omega
for Xmas, oh, and a RISCStation portable as well
Hugh Jampton

However what am I going to buy everyone else? I thought about getting my wife a new ironing board cover, but there is no need to go mad! After last years experience when I sewed her in the bed and then got accused of matresscide I think I had better be more careful.

Anyway did I tell you the one about (GET ON WITH IT - Ed).....oh sorry. Now what was I supposed to be doing, ah yes places to go for Christmas goodies for your nearest and cheapest, sorry dearest.

Computer and photographic consumables, ideal if you know a keen photographer. Also has loads of gadgets from Oregan Scientific.

Gadgets, gifts and lost more. Has special sections for gifts under £20, my favourite was the Time Projector for under a tenner. Also has a nice alphabetical listing and photos of every product.

Flowers and more flowers. My wife was complaining that I didn't buy her any flowers, but I pointed out that I had, they were even self raising.

Yes, even humble serfs such as myself can become a Count, or better. You can even be a Lord and Lady of your own town. This means that out Editor and his wife could become Lord and Lady Bracknell and for under £300!

Dum, didle dum dum, dum dum dum, dum, diddle dum dum - the ideal place for budding James Bonds. I love the idea of electrocuting car thieves legally and as for the bullet proof clip board, excellent!

Chocolates, and more chocolates, even the web site is all chocolate coloured, although over a kilo of continental chocolates might be too much for one sitting.

Massive shop with lots of high quality discounted gifts, telephones, books, electronics and much much more.

Yes it's plastic model time, from Spitfires to the Cutty Sark.

A massive on-line toy shop, everything your kids, or other peoples kids, could want.

Everything for the DIY (Destroy it Yourself) enthusiast, including first aid for when you cut your fingers.

Nothing up this sleeve, and nothing up this sleeve (and nothing between the ears either -ED) and hey presto a lovely rabbit.

The best tat that money can buy, I'm just off to order a pocket flame thrower.

The Early Learning Centre, what more can you say?

Hawkins Bazaar, with traditionally made wooden toys that can even be customised.

Well that's it for this months collection of World Wide Web links. If you have any great links, or even any not so great links then why not send them in. Happy shopping!

Hugh Jampton