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David Bradforth and Aaron Timbrell on this months DISCWorld

This months DISCWorld roundup

Rather than waffle on, let's get straight into it - if you do have any ideas for the magazine disc, please email and we'll do all we can to put your ideas in place. After all, it's your magazine - why don't you have a say in what's in it?

David Bradforth

Equasor by Computer Concepts Ltd.

Best described as an entry-level formula editor, Equasor is driven by an interface similar to early versions of Impression. A detailed manual is supplied, in text format, within the archive.

To upgrade to Formulix, at 15+VAT, please contact Kate Moir at Xara Limited on 01442 350000 or by email to

The Grafix CD

This CD was produced by Fabis Computing and has been taken over by APDL. It has arounf half a gigabyte of graphics files, sprites, photo quality JPEG's, a good selection of bits and pieces to brighten up your web pages, and lots more. It can be used on a RISC OS, PC or Mac system.

We have taken nearly 100 Mb of material from this CD and included it on this issue of RISC World.. Not only that, but if you would like the complete CD we are offering it free to RISC World subscribers. See the file READ_ME in the GRAFIXCD directory for ordering details.

The Complete DiscWorld list

So in alphabetical order this months DiscWorld contains:

  • ARMCODE - files supporting the ARM Code articles by Brian Pickard.
  • BEGINPRG - The examples from the BASIC programming series.
  • DRWIMP - The latest version of the Dr Wimp package.
  • EQUASOR - Full vesion of the equation generation package from Computer Concepts.
  • GRAPHIXCD - 100 Mb of material from the Graphix CD.
  • GROUNDHOG - Demo version of Groundhog Day.
  • OVATION - A demonstration version of Ovation PRO.
  • PD - The latest PD software from our PD column.
  • SLEUTH 3 - demonstration verion of the OCR package.
  • STARPROG - Programs from the StarProg article.


This CD-ROM contains a number of utilities and pieces of software to accompany the articles in the magazine. The magazine now uses GIF and JPEG images rather than having two versions, one with Sprites and one with GIF. The magazine can be found in the HTML directory from the root of the CD.

There are three utilities to help you read this disc (RISC OS users only). These can be found hidden inside the !RiscWorld application in the UTILITIES directory (The !RiscWorld application automatically uses these utilities if they are required):

  • A file-only copy of Fresco, to display the HTML. This will only run if you don't already have a copy of Fresco installed, so that it won't overwrite your cache.
  • ArcFS, which can be used to read some of the archived software on the disc.
  • SparkPlug, an alternative de-archiver which can also read Zip files.

Usenet archive

Also included on the disc is an archive of the comp.sys.acorn.* newsgroups since early December 2000. These are stored in a special read-only version of Messenger Pro which will allow you to view the messages, but nothing more complicated. The archive is presented 'as is', and RISC World doesn't make any guarantee about the usefulness, relevance or acceptability of any information contained in it.