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Hugh Jampton goes on a Surfing odyssey

Welcome to the first Weird World Web of the year 2001, and am I the only one wearing a futuristic silver romper suit? (Yes - ED) So why don't we all jump into the personal air car and fly at twice the speed of sound to the latest collection of essential (read Rubbish -ED) World Wide Web links.....


Ohhhhh, lots of wheelchair motors with spikes on knocking each other to pieces, did you know I actually have my own self righting mechanism, comes in handy after a couple of restorative cordials.

The UK game show page, yes all you wanted to know about the cheapest form of televisual entertainment know to man. Almost every game show broadcast in the last 20 years is covered, which means I can have a "P" please Bob, but of course stay out of the black and in the red, nothing in this game for two in a bed!


Great for fans of cartoon violence everywhere, how many ways can you kill a stick man? Well if you check out this site you will be able to find out....

Yes its the home of the facially inept, time to get hit with the ugly stick. A fascination collection of the worst portrait photographs ever taken, check out Minger of the week for a sure fire surprise.

The Anglo American humour, comedy, parody, and staire site. Well it may not be to everyones taste but I do like the Spice Girls die a Violent Death part. Oh and the Millennium Dome site is also well worth a visit.

The official home of the Goon Show Preservation Society. Yes the 1950's radio show that the BBC tried to repeatedly ban has a home on the Web, you silly twisted boy.

Oh good, good, good. A page with thousands of jokes in all sorts of catergories. This site evn has some cracking cartoons with a new one very day!

More jokes! So what do you call a spice girl with a brain? Yes that's right, pregnant! Boom Boom!


Want to know how long it will be before you turn up your toes, then why not try the DeathClock? All you need to do is enter a few details and then just watch the seconds of your life tick away....

Want to deal with those awful cheery early morning people, then send them over to As the slogan says "JustGive Up"


Editors note - Mr Jampton would like to apologise if any of the sites listed below are actually of any use.

Want to know what your home town looked like in the 19th century? Then why not browse the collection of maps available at this fascinating site.

Get your own domain name including mail re-direction and more for a measly £14.99. Perhaps they should register the domain now the price has fallen?

Well that's it for this months collection of links. If you have any great links, or even any not so great links, in fact even awful ones are welcome, then why not send them in. Happy 21st century surfing!

Hugh Jampton