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Master Break - the manual

It's on the CD but how do you use it?

Please note that Master Break needs to be run from a writable medium: if the program cannot write the high score table to disc when it desires, it will crash. We hence recommend that the program is copied to a medium with 1.5Mb of disc space free before playing - a high density disc, a hard disc or a ram disc will be ideal. Do also note that the !MBQ_1 directory MUST be double-clicked on before the main game, otherwise the game itself will crash.


To leave the "Demo" mode and start the game, press Space or click a mouse button. Select the number of players by using the number keys (1, 2, 3 or 4) or the mouse; then enter the players' names. To indicate that you are ready to play, either press Space or click the mouse on the "OK" button.

Choose your question answer by pressing the appropriate number key (1, 2, 3 or 4) or by clicking the mouse on the appropriate answer. Select the colour balls by pressing the number key (between 2 and 7) equivalent to the value of the colour, or by clicking the mouse on the selected ball.

Each player is allowed to pass up to three red questions (the number of passes remaining is indicated by red balls next to the player's name). When the "PASS" icon is lit, press the P key or click the mouse on that icon if you wish to pass.

In the 2 or 4 player game, if the ball is currently over the pocket in the picture, and you get the answer wrong, this constitutes a "FOUL SHOT". Your opponents will be awarded the appropriate foul shot score.

At the end of a frame, the game analysis screen will be shown. This screen can also be viewed during the game, before selecting a colour ball, by pressing the A key or by clicking on the analysis icon.

The volume control window, which pops up after the select player screen, can also be called up when any player is on a colour question, by pressing the V key, or clicking on the "bell" at the end of the timer meter. You may quit the game, when not answering a question, by pressing the Esc key. (Do note that, due to is heritage, this program doesn't exit to RISC OS clearly.)

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