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Hugh Jamptons still here, oh no, oh dear.....

I have been informed by our illiterate (I'm sure he means illustrious - ED) editor that I have to take off my silver space suit and that I am not allowed to fly to work any more. However I have other plans, so follow me, if you dare, into another episode of the Weird World Web....


So I can fly to work, all I need is £25,000 and a Back Pack Helicopter, or I could just spend £2,500 on a hover board, however with the amount I get paid I doubt I could even afford a set of motorised roller blades, a snip at only £495.


As the phrase goes it "does exactly what it says on the tin". Free backgrounds for your desktop or your web site, and unlike some "free" collections the backgrounds really are free and are often of a very high quality. (They are I use this site quite a bit -ED)

If you need a poster printing, need vinyl signs or even a screen print then Chris Mercier at PrintMaker is your man. Based in Reading PrintMaker are RISC OS aware and can even accept files in your favourite formats, whopeee!

Documentation, documentation and more documentation. Every thing a programmer could want to know about Acorn machines and RISC OS is on this great site.


Ever wondered what all those little smilies on the end of email of newsgroups messages mean? If you don't know what LOL means then this page could give you a <BG> but you might not be BWL, still FWIW at least you will now what people are really saying.

Well its not a kitchen and it isn't about soup either. The ultimate vanity domain? You decide!

Ideal for the man with just a hint of a Scottish accent. yes a massive great list of free things and how to get them. Often just by completing a form a company will send out free samples, a great way of wasting your time in exchange for books, mouse mats, magazines, money and er....ferret food?

The Craggy Island Examiner

DRINK!, DRINK! DRINK! Yes everything you always wanted to know about Father Ted but were afraid to ask. Now how many Windy Sheppard Hendersons were there again?

Exchange and Mart

Just the place for a second hand, car, computer, goldfish bowl, aqualung, sofa, coffee table, desk, chair, lamp (OK, we get the idea - ED).

A great collection of jokes, with a top ten and a bottom ten as well. If you send in a joke and it gets picked as joke of the day then you could get £25, I am going back there now, after that it will soon be my turn in the barrel.

Well that's it for this months most useful part of the magazine (Hmmm - ED). If you have any great links, or even any not so great links, in fact even awful ones are welcome, then why not send them in. Happy surfing!

Hugh Jampton