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Hugh Jamptons spectacular high budget bit of RISC World....

Well the Weird World Web column has made it into volume2, I must say that I am really not surprised, after all what else do you buy RISC World for? (Free software, reviews, comment, latest products, interesting articles e.t.c - ED). So let me take you buy the hand and lead through the streets of cyberville....

Days out


Instead of sitting in front of your computer why not visit the Dr Who Experience, or indeed Model Railway World. Both of these attractions are owned by Dapol Ltd, check out this site for more details, you can even take a virtual tour.


RISC OS Ltd version of the Acorn FTP Site.

When Acorn went belly up a lot of their resources went with them, and one of these was the FTP site. Now RISC OS Ltd has exhumed it, and all the patches, documentation and software downloads are once again available to all.


If you are designing a website then you could do a lot worse than head offer to, this site includes everything the budding web designer could need.

HTML Goodies

If you have ever wondered how to write something in HTML this site will tell you, packed with examples, hints, suggestions and more. HTML Goodies is one of the premier HTML sites on the internet.


If you have ever tried to reverse engineer a file format then you will know how difficult it can be. Wotsit contains links to a mountain of technical documentation about file formats. If you are a programmer and you need to write out a file you can find the format here.


With the recent death of Douglas Adams it seems appropriate to point you towards a real Babelfish. This site can translate a web page into many different languages.

Online logo generator

Need to make a nice logo for your website, then you could do much worse that head here and let the computer take the strain. Choose the sort of logo you want to make, the font, the text and the style. A few clicks later you will have a very professional logo that you can save and use yourself.


Got a friend with a PC, then point them here and watch their face as they suffer a "core meltdown".

Complaint Generator

Now thats more like it. An automatic complaint generator, just enter the name of a person or a company and away you go. Page after page of quite rude, often accurate and very funny complaints!

Well that's it for this issues best bit of the magazine. Before going to bed why not try reading some of the other articles, after all the authors have worked long and hard and although they can't match the brilliance of Weird World Web, they do deserve some support, ta ta for now.....

Hugh Jampton