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The RISC World competition page

Within our new competition page, you have the chance to win big prizes every time!

And first off this month lets announce the winners of last issues competitions....well to be honest the winners of one of the competitions. Why only one? Well, simply put, we only got entries for one of the competitions! Yes, thats right, no one could be bothered to make and animated GIF file, honestly, lazy gits!

Superior Collection - winners

And the winners are....

A Harmsworth
Robert Richards
Richard Burnell

We will be sending out copies of the Superior Collection shortly.

Print Artist: Masterclips 202,000

Well, as you all know we ran this prize last issue, but no one, yes no none, could could be bothered. Well what do you have to say for yourselves, well? ..... No nothing eh? Well in that case you will all stay behind after class and write out one hundred times "The RISC OS Select scheme is an excellent idea".

The Print Artist: Masterclips collection includes nearly 200,000 productivity resources for use by designers and publishers. From vector-based clipart through photographs; animations through noises there's something in this pack for all publishers whether print or multimedia based.

It's priced at £29.95 and available in the shops now, but to get one of three copies for yourself simply answer the following question.

What goes GIF stand for?

A - Ger, I'm Flummoxed
B - Graphics Interchange Format
C - Graphics Interlaced File
D - None of the above

For further information on the Print Artist: Masterclips collections, view the Sierra Home website at

Personal Accounts

For this months extra special competition give away we have 2 copies of Personal Accounts (original rrp £49) to give away. So how do you win one? Simple, all you have to do is complete this sentence in 10 words or less.

I need a copy of Personal Accounts because....

Send your entries to the the editor. The best two we receive will each get a copy of this award winning home accounting package.

Answers to the editor. The winners will be announced next issue. And I am warning you all now, stop sniggering Thomkins major, if nobody enters this time the competition will be banned, and there will be extra homework for all of you.

RULES: Staff of RISC World, Vivendi Universal Interactive Publishing, ProAction Software and anybody involved with this promotion may not enter. The editor's decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into. There is no cash alternative to any of the prizes on offer. If you wish to enter both competitions, send separate emails for each. Winners names will be published within the editorial of the next issue. The closing date is 1st September 2001 - all entries arriving after that date will be destroyed in a vat of acid.

Hugh Jampton