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Aaron introduces another new idea (from David Bradforth)

I can't really take any credit for this idea, as it was Davids, but it goes something like this. We want to have a column every month featuring some of the best software for RISC OS. It doesn't have to be PD, Freeware or Shareware, although that would be good as it means we can put the products in question on the CD. It could be the top 25 DTP utilities, Sound/Music programs, Internet utilities, Emulators, indeed anything along the same theme.

This month twenty of my favourite public domain games have been selected to form the first in this new series. Whilst every title featured will run fine on RISC OS 4.02, it will not be extensively tested on anything else, so I'm afraid RISC World can offer no warranty whatsoever against any of these software titles. If a program is shareware, please register it - it helps to keep the games appearing for the RISC OS platform, and it's got somewhat quiet of late.

To keep things easy, everything has been stored within the TOP25 archive of your RISC World disc. And to give you an idea what we have for you here are some screenshots.

There that little lot should keep you busy for a while!

There is a fine mixture of puzzle, shoot em up, platform and others. All these are among the best free games you can get for RISC OS. There are many more, indeed whittling the list down to 25 caused quite a few arguments. If you think there is a game that should be here and isn't, then why not tell us!

David would like for this to be a regular section on the disc. In future it'll be a minimum of 25 applications based on a single theme, and we'll pay 50 to an individual (or between a pair) who can provide us with 25 titles plus an article to go with it. If you feel you're up for it, please contact me via the usual means.

So if you want to write the next TOP25 article, get in touch!