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The RISC World competition page

Within our new competition page, you have the chance to win big prizes every time!

Win EasyFont PRO - worth 14.90

We have two copies of the latest version of EasyFont PRO to give away, EasyFont PRO V5 is the best font manager for RISC OS, this new version comes on CD with a host of features including:

  • Supplied on CD with over 2000 fonts.
  • Much faster than any previous version of EasyFont.
  • WYSIWYG font display plus drag and drop font changing.
  • Saves up to 30% of your disk space when storing fonts.
  • File scanning, drop a file into EasyFont and the fonts get turned on!
  • No cumbersome protection system requiring the master disk every few months.
  • New top toolbar with access to advanced EasyFont features.
  • New Font integrity tester, find out if fonts are faulty easily and quickly.
  • Greatly increased reliability plus uses less memory.
  • Automatic installer, install a new version or upgrade your old version.
  • Re-written manual with clearer descriptions and on-line help.
  • Also includes a full version of Dr Fonty, with PostScript font export.
  • Requires RISC OS 3.1 or later, CD-Rom drive and 4Mb of RAM.
  • So if you want to win simply answer the following question

    Who originally published and developed EasyFont PRO (before iSV Products)?
    A - Dalriada Data Technology.
    B - SoftEase.
    C - Fabis Computing.
    D - ProAction.

    Can you see the correct answer? If so then send the editor an email now!

    Last issues Winners

    Well it does seem that the competition page will be here to stay for a bit longer, after all we are getting many more entries than the poor old crossword ever got! So without further ado here are last issues lucky winners.

    Studio 24 - winners

    We had quite a large number of entries for the mission statement competition, and most of the entrants spotted that the statement belonged to TAU Press. However a couple of you said it belonged to Acorn User, no no no, Acorn User is a magazine, TAU Press are the publishers. The mission statement came from the TAU Press website. Which means that although he provided the fullest re-write of the mission statement, along with a nice long erudite explanation, David Llewellyn-Jones, doesn't win. Anyway here are those who did win..<./P>

    David Hawes with....

    Our mission statement is to increase sales and enhance marketing and PR activity by publishing brochures, magazines and catalogues; additionally to provide viable media products that educate and entertain readers.

    A massive 9 changes, well done.

    Dr S. Curry with....

    Our mission statement is to increase sales by enhanced marketing and PR activity through the publication of brochures, magazines and catalogues. These publications are viable media products intended to educate and entertain readers.

    Another superb re-write, perhaps we shall soon see ones of these gracing the TAU Press website?

    DrawWorks - winners

    You may well remember that we asked you the price of the Bush RISC OS Set top box in Asda. The correct price was 29.98, keen readers will have spotted that this information was in the Insider column from the last issue. Even so a couple of readers still managed to get the wrong answer, so hang your heads in shame. The winners chosen are as follows.

    Kevin Simpson
    Steven Morton

    Want to win!

    Remember if you want to win a RISC World competition you need to enter, after all if you don't enter someone else could win the prize that could have been yours! See you for the next exciting instalment, will Kathy fall for the dashing Dr Jackson, or will Emma tell her mother the dark secret she has been hiding for years......argggghhhhhhh!

    Hugh Jampton will now be appearing in a padded cell near you.

    RULES: Staff of RISC World, ProAction Software, Tau Press, and anybody else involved with this promotion may not enter. The editor's decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into. There is no cash alternative to any of the prizes on offer. Winners names will be published within the editorial of the next issue. The closing date is 21st December 2001 - all entries arriving after that date will be destroyed by a vengeful God.

    Hugh Jampton