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There is a pile of letters, and the answers aren't getting any better...

Every issue we get more and more letters, so here is a selection from Aarons bulging sack. (eh?- ED)

Hi, Aaron.
Just taking the time to read more of the CD. I note that on the competition page, it says that my winning slogan is a winning slogan, and that "copies of Personal Accounts will be landing on your doorsteps any year now."... but I didn't find it in the envelope, and it's not here yet!
Andrew Harmsworth

All the prizes have now been dispatched. There was a slight delay caused by something or other, you know, one of those thingies that happens and you can't do anything about.....sort of things. Sorry for the delay, if you haven't got your prize by the time you read this then please feel free to complain to anyone but us. Also note the cunning use of "...any year now". So we have stuck by our cast iron guarantee even if we don't send it for another 18 months.

I finally got my copy of Issue 3 today (after it lying around my home address waiting to be forwarded), and just wanted to say how impressed I was (especially with the Insider article). But could you please stop referring to it as the CD magazine disc you don't have to download, because it cracks me up every time I hear it. Besides, it's very naughty. :-)
John Hoare

Well as they say if the shirt fits. We are pleased you like the Insider articles, the response from readers had been almost universally positive, so more will be coming, indeed this issue has another Insider article waiting for your delectation. It has been suggested that Aarons change to the website, and the addition of the "CD magazine disc you don't have to download" banner, is a dig at Acorn User. I am sure readers know that we would never intentionally do anything to upset TAU Press in any way. Although a quick question, why do you have the CDs delivered to somewhere where you aren't living?

Dear Aaron
I ran my copy of the CD_rom through Pineapple's !Killer version 3.701, and Paul Vigay's VZap version 1.37, the results are given in the ArcFS attachment named Viruses. Your advice on what to do with the disc would be appreciated. I can transfer the offending files to a floppy and deal with the viruses from there, but I thought you like to know the problem exists, at least on my copy.
William Jackson

Don't worry, the last CD of RISC World did indeed have Viruses on it, and before everyone panics, burns all the RISC World back issues, throws the computer out the window and converts to Windows, there was a good reason. The last RISC World contained a virus killer called Slayer. This has copies of some viruses hidden in it so it can detect infections in other places. Your computer won't be infected.

And now another competition winner...

Thanks for the prize I won in your GIF competition. I was surprised to see my name in this month's issue, as I don't usually win anything in competitions, so maybe my luck's changing for the better Hopefully the Lottery's next...:-) I got my prize this morning. Quite some size of box. Why do PC software companies package things up in such large boxes, and then you find there's maybe only a couple of CDs inside, once you get through all the other packaging...? ?:-) Fortunately, as I'm a postman, and also deliver to my own house (which comes in very handy at times), it was no bother delivering the prize. I look forward to looking through the CDs and admiring the pics. Mr. Clippy's going to be rather busy over the next few days...:-)
Once again, thanks. You've made my day...:-)
William McNee

Well, you see we can deliver some prizes on time, but it seems only if you live in Scotland. We are delighted you like the prize, the issue of box size on PC products has been raised again recently. If you pop into your local PC World you will increasingly see games packaged in small DVD style cases, perhaps they could package "serious" software the same way. Oh and a quick tip, if you are putting lots of files into Mr Clippy, make sure you have your speakers on full volume, and Mr Clippys sound effects turned on.

Hi Aaron,
I have just received my copy of Discworld which has the program CineWorks I think I need some assistance as there is no help file with it. All I need at first is to get it running clicking on the !CineWorks just brings up an error message 'Not found' any indication what is not found? Peter Prewett

This letter produced the following low quality response from Aaron "I have just checked the copy here and it runs fine - you have de-archived it to your hard disk I presume. It will not run directly from the CD." Of course the actual problem was different....

Yes I have into its own directory, I have just tried again and clicked on !ARWork first and Cineworks now loads to the icon bar, did not think of that:-((
I will go back to bed.
Peter Prewett

I think Aaron should have gone back to bed as well after his initial "it works fine here" technical support get out of jail free clause.

And now a very sensible request...

I like to put the Risc World CD into what I believe are called CD jewel cases. However I would like to have a fancy designed insert to make for easy filing. Do you have a template that could be enclosed on the CD and could be printed out?
Also when I print out anything from the Risc World CD from Fresco browser it prints over to the right hand side, so missing some of the text. If I print something from the net through the Fresco browser the print is ok.
Alan Shooter

Firstly the Fresco print problem may be related to the fact the Fresco seems to handle tables about as well as Pavarotti handles SlimFast. Are you using the same version of Fresco on both occasions? What happens if you go to the RISCWorld website and try printing that?

The inlay problem is another issue, in fact due to careful planning and absolute luck we have an answer from another reader.

I recently created some CD inlays, summarising the contents of every RiscWorld CD so far and thought they may be of use to others too. As you'll see they detail most but not all of what's on each CD - generally time sensitive articles or regular columns have been excluded. In case they're of interest I've attached the Ovation Pro file with them on - up to and including the Sept 2001 issue.
Matt LeBlanc

And you know what folks, the CD inlays are in the Software directory of this very issue, in an archive called Inlays! Well thats it for this bulging letters page, there were so many letters we couldn't print, and most of them were from Andrew Harmsworth!. I am off to have a go at pressing the text tool on Cerilica Vantage on a machine running RISC OS Select, ta ta!

Hugh Jampton