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A quick guide to MidiWorks

The Reel Editor

* Reel length - 10,000 bars
* Unlimited number of patterns
* Unlimited MIDI event capacity
* Powerful spreadsheet parameter editor
* Zoom in / out buttons
* Multiple MIDI instrument support
* Any time signature can be created or snapped to
Track Parameters / Effects

Track name, enable, solo, master tempo, record switch, midi port, midi channel, record channel, instrument name, program, track master volume, key transpose, velocity transpose, velocity scaling, velocity curve, controller curve, pitch bend scaling, time delay, time signature.
Local Pattern Parameters / Effects
Pattern name, enable, solo, master tempo pattern switch, record switch, midi port, midi channel record channel, instrument name, program, pattern relative volume, key transpose, velocity transpose, velocity scaling, velocity curve, controller curve, pitch bend scaling.
Toolbox Editing Functions

'Draw' new pattern on track, erase pattern, move pattern, copy pattern, shift pattern in time, select pattern, select multiple patterns, copy local effects from one pattern to another, edit pattern effects, open piano roll editor.
Reel Editor Functions
Insert track, delete track; select all patterns, deselect all patterns, delete selection, empty selection, multicopy selection, join selection, split selection, truncate selection, save selection; mix tracks, demix track; insert new track; process score/track (selection); export midi format 0 or 1 file, export MIDIWorks file, export tempo map.
Import Options
Imports midi format 0,1 and 2, with ability to extract single tracks from midi files and import these into patterns with optional time scaling.
Miscellaneous Functions
Open on-screen midi keyboard, midi play/thru/rec filter, 64-channel midi patch bay, metronome window; transmit all notes off, transmit system reset; open song setup window, open large studio clock, open preferences; program info, score info; auto-tile reel editor/midi editors on screen.

The Transport Window

* Stop/Rew/Play/FF/Pause/Record buttons - recording can be started at any moment
* Transport slider - shows play/rec position and allows manual transport
* Play options pop-up button - easy access to common playing options
* Record options pop-up button
* Auto options pop-up button - setup automatic transport, looping etc.
* Score play/rec position in measures (bars), beats and ticks
* Real time MTC (SMPTE) time position in hours, mins, secs and frames
* Current tempo indicator bpm shows tempo while playing/recording
* Left marker position display
* Right marker position display
* Tool snap adjuster - sets tool snap value for all editors
* Record mode selector overdub / replace
* Punch in record mode - punches in/out at marker positions
* Metronome on/off and pop-up button
* Synchronisation window pop-up button

The Piano Roll Editor

* Dynamic window layout
* Scrollable and resizable piano roll - 10 octaves
* Selectable piano roll division method - none / 7 / 12 / black and white bars
* Note on velocity bar attached to note - bars can be dragged with mouse
* Note off velocity bar attached to note
* Vertical rules per note
* Set channel view/edit filter
* Zoom in / out buttons - 6% up to 800% zoom
* Pop up list editor button - list editor opens at piano roll editor position
* Pop up drum pattern editor
* Pop up note window (see below)
* QuickSketch free-hand graph drawing - very fluid (buffered) graph drawing
* Rubber-band line drawing in graphs
* Audio feedback while composing
* 8 resizable controller graphs:
                                               1) Pressure mode
                                               2) Pitch wheel
                                               3) Modulation wheel
                                               4) Controller
                                               5) Program change map
                                               6) Volume
                                               7) Tempo map
                                               8) Meta event map
Piano roll editor functions using toolbox tools
Draw new note, drag note velocity bars, erase note, erase notes enclosed in box, move note, copy note, shift note in time, transpose note on screen, select note, select multiple notes, play clicked note, copy velocity information from note to note; draw controller data, erase controller data, drag & drop pieces of marked controller graphs, select area of controller data, deselect areas of controller data.
Menu functions
Select all notes / select whole controller graph, clear selection, delete selection, set velocity.
Piano roll editor functions
Select all notes, deselect all notes, delete all notes, process selected notes, select whole controller graph, deselect controller graph low pass filter (smooth) controller graphs.
Note Toolbox

* Select note duration - musical notation
* Select note duration - midi duration
* Set note on velocity
* Set note off velocity
* Set note shortening - 0 to 100 % create staccato etc
* Chord selector - more than 20 chord types - chords may be placed just like notes
* Chord arpeggio percentage - 0 to 1000 %
* Chord note velocity scaling -1000 % to +1000 % auto chord note velocity interpolation

Event List Editor

* Spreadsheet editor with dynamic layout to see only the information you want to see
* View filter - show subset of midi data only
* Change event status and parameters
* Recognize common SysEx events - SysEx manufacturers ID and function recognition
* Enter SysEx events
Event list editor functions using toolbox tools
Insert new event, erase event, move event, copy event, select event, deselect event, play note.

Drum Pattern Editor

* Spreadsheet editor with dynamic layout to see only the information you want to see
* Configure up to 128 percussion subtracks - each subtrack is a different midi note
* Multiple drum velocity indicators - colour / symbol / bar
* Easy velocity editing by 'dragging' note with pencil tool
Drum pattern editor functions using toolbox tools
Insert new event, erase event, move event, copy event, select event, deselect event, drag velocity value, play note.

Special Effects Processing

* Quantize, MIDI Logic Editor, Time Stretch, Reduce Data, Reverse, Swing Quantize, Human Feeling
Target selection
* Primary target choices: All data, Selected patterns, Selected tracks
* Time range: Ignore, Marked time range, All but marked time
* MIDI events: All MIDI events, Selected events, Non-selected events
Using the right combination and selection of events, an arbitrary selection of events may easily be processed.

MIDI Keyboard

* Play external MIDI devices via mouse or keyboard - 10.5 octave keyboard
* Enter MIDI note data into MIDIWorks
* Easy bus / channel / transpose selectors
* All notes off button

MIDI Filter

* Play / Thru / Rec filter sets
* Note / poly press / channel press / pitch wheel and exclude: on/off
* Mod / controller / program change / SysEx and exclude: on/off

MIDI Patch Bay

* Play / Thru / Rec patch bay sets
* Connect bus-channel to new bus-channel - 64 connections x 3
* Connect system real time to new bus - 4 connections x 3
* Reset button

Studio Clock

* Large studio display - typically 8 x 1.5 cm on a 15 inch monitor
* SMPTE / Score position selectable

Advanced Import File

* Track selector for MIDI file enables source track to be selected
* Pattern selector for MIDIWorks file enables source pattern to be selected
* Drag and drop selected item into pattern
* Time scaling 0 - 1,000,000 %

MIDI Monitor

* The VU meters are used to monitor outgoing MIDI information as it is being played

Detlef Thielsch