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Well, this month we have set of links to gladden the heart, strengthen the legs and improve circulation around the nether regions. Yes a full page of freebies. Not the usual download a free screensaver/shareware program/Brittany Spears photograph, but real solid objects. So if you fancy getting drunk then handing out your new business cards all at someone elses expense read on....

Top 10 Freebies

Vistaprint - Free business cards

Vistaprint are offering 250 free business cards to anyone who will pay the carriage (currently £7.95). These aren't some grotty old black and white laser printed tat either. They are full colour, and you can use the excellent website to design the card on screen. You can even see the finished results before you place your order!

Cooleywhiskey - Free whiskey

Hic...juchst log onto the whrebshite, shigne tha gwestbouk...greta fwee dwinkypoos....hic...

Fitnessfirst - Free day in a health club

After the whiskey you may well appreciate this one, just fill in the on-line form and you to can have a luxury day in a health club.

British National Space Center - Free CD-Roms

Get hold of CDs containing thousands of aerial photos for FREE! Window on the World covers the entire planet, while Window on the UK has photos of much of the UK as seen from space! And if you want to go further why not ask for a copy of Window on the Universe - a massive 2 CD set, essential for anyone interested in science or astronomy.

Free copy of PC Direct magazine

Those nice people at Ziff-Davis are giving away free copies of PC Direct, all you have to do is fill in the form, and then wait for it to drop through your letter box, can't be bad!

Free phone calls over the internet

Use your PC as a phone, so you can ring anywhere in the world (in theory) for the price of a local call!

Original Source - Free shampoo

Just give them your details and you will receive up to 4 shampoo samples. If you haven't heard of Original Source before, well it seems to have been started by a bunch of slightly mad Australians, but you can buy the shampoo in any supermarket in the UK!

Free Product Guide books

Free product guide books from the people who bought you the Goldfish credit card. However you don't ned to have a Goldfish card in order to get the guides. These could save you a lot of expense, and unlike Which magazine its all free!

Send your name to Mars

In 2003 the first of two Mars Rovers will be launched towards the red planet. At present we can't go with them, but your name could! Simply supply NASA with your name, and it will be added to the list that will be on a CD ROM on board one of the spacecraft, its exploration Jim, but not as we know it!

A free vegetarian starter kit

If your thinking of becoming a vegetarian this could be a good place to start. In fact, and not a lot of people know this, I am a second generation vegetarian, I only eat grass eating animals.

There, not bad at all, you have got drunk, been to Mars, handed out your business cards to any local martians, washed your hair, phoned home and on the return journey got photos of the Earth from space, and all without getting off the chair. If you have a link you think we should publish then please send it to Aaron.

Hugh Jampton