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The RISC World competition page

Within our new competition page, you have the chance to win superb prizes every time!

Win a copy of Desktop Repton - worth 14.90

We have two copies of Desktop Repton to give away, if you want to know more about this classic game then why not take a look at the review in this very issue. Once you have read the review then why not enter the competition to see if you could win a copy.

Q. On what computer did Repton first appear?
A - Acorn Atom
B - BBC Model B
C - BBC Master 128
D - Atari ST

Once you have come up with an answer send the editor an email now!

EasyFontPRO - winners

Last issue we gave all you lucky readers the chance to win a copy of EasyFont Pro V5. It seems that this was a popular choice as we had even more entries than usual, so lets see who the lucky winners were....

Robin Hounsome
Benjamin Newton

As ever a copy of EasyFont PRO V5 will be winging its way via Parcel Force 48 week delivery to both of you as soon as possible.

Well, there can only be two winners, so hard cheese, or indeed soft cheese, depending on your personal choice, because we have both here, that's both hard and soft by the way, to David Hawes, Anthony Hilton, Dr S.H. Curry, Norman Rice, John Peachey, Alan Shooter and all the other entrants. Better luck next this time!

Want to win!

The only way to win with RISC World is to enter the competition (well you could get paid for writing for us too - ED). If you don't enter you won't win, no thats right, you won't. So in order to stand a chance of winning a fab copy of Desktop Repton you will need to send you entry in as soon as possible, if not earlier!

Hugh Jampton has been beta testing the RISC OS Select upgrade.

RULES: Staff of RISC World, ProAction Software, RISC OS Ltd and anybody else involved with this promotion may not enter. The editor's decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into. There is no cash alternative to any of the prizes on offer. Winners names will be published within the editorial of the next issue. The closing date is 21st 2001 - all entries arriving after that date will be attached to small pointed implements and returned to the entrant with a rude letter.

Hugh Jampton