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Yes I'm back! With more fascinating web links to keep you amused for minutes on end, and this months collection of tat starts with....

The Interface Hall of Shame

If you think some RISC OS programs have a poor user interface then you haven't seen anything yet. The complete guide to rubbish user interfaces is here. Mostly consisting of Windows programs, which just makes this even more funny. See how programmers use the wrong controls for the wrong job, see some of the world most stupid error messages. Even better you can see examples of the nasty Windows Tabbed Dialogue Box taken to its logical extreme!



Some example error messages from the Interface Hall of Shame

Virtual Network Computing

Now this is interesting. You can look at the desktop of one machine, on another machine connected over the Internet. Even better this works on Windows, Unix, Linux and of course RISC OS. Is this the ultimate thin client?

Just in case you don't believe me we have a Weird World Web first - the RISC OS software is on this issue CD! yes that's right, ON THE CD, yes the CD, IT'S ON THE CD. Gosh, now who would have though that this column could actually come up with something so useful. (not me - ed) If you look in the VNC directory in the Software part of this CD you will find a VNC server and a VNC client! Now you can look at the desktop of another RISC OS machine on a network!

Acorn Gaming

The webs oldest Acorn/RISC OS magazine is still going strong and is always well worth a look if you are interested in games for RISC OS. If you go there soon you might even win an exclusive TEK 1608 T-shirt!


Now this is more like it! Now you can play all sorts of internet based pranks on people. All you need to do is type in the victims address and away you go. This site can make up loads of different "fake" websites based around someones name, you can even get them listed selling rather unwelcome items on a fake search page!

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Hugh Jampton