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Well here we are again, and at the end of a volume as well! So this issue as a special treat we have 7 extra special links for you, so lets crack on with this months definitive collection....


The latest graphics masterpiece from Rob Davison. Variations is still a work in progress, which is why it isn't featured in the PD column. This wonderful application allows all sorts of fades and effects to be applied to bitmap images. Do yourself a favour and download a copy today!

Variations in action

The Yorktown Affair

Next time someone tells you how reliable and safe Windows NT is, then why not point them here. You can read the full story of what happens when you run a warship, in this case the USS Yorktown, using the Windows NT operating system. I can tell you now you will laugh your head off.

Dr Wimp

Dr Wimp is one of the most popular RISC OS programming tools, a comprehensive library of RISC OS routines to make writing multi tasking programs a complete doddle. It was featured in a previous RISC World, but now there is a new updated version, if your are writing BASIC programs on RISC OS, you need Dr Wimp!

Serial Networking

If you have more than one computer then a network is a must have. However Acorn network cards can be expensive, however there is a cheaper alternative, serial networking. With this guide you can connect a RISC OS machine to a Linux or Windows machine for a few pounds and have a fully functioning network.


Jason Tribbeck has released his own RISC OS programming libraries for all and sundry to use. Since we have already featured something for BASIC programmers, here is something for those that program in C as well. Once again all programmers should head over for a copy as soon as possible.

Comp.(binaries/sources) website

The source for RISC OS binaries (thats programs to you and me). Lots of programs to download, including quite a few you may never have seen before, and you can easily tell if they will run on RISC OS 4 before you download.

And finally something for the whole family.....

The International Amish Computer Users Group

A site that really does defy description. We could easily spoil it, but we won't. You can learn about Amish computers users and their machines......

If you have a link you think we should publish then please send it to Aaron. If you have one we don't think we should publish then send it to someone who will ignore it.

Hugh Jampton