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Win one of two copies of the latest DrawWorks

This month we have a nice simple competition for you. APDL have just launched a new version of DrawWorks, as well as working on all versions of RISC OS from 3.10 onwards the new DrawWorks can also be used with the latest versions of !Draw as supplied by RISC OS Ltd. So the question is quite simple.

What is the latest version of DrawWorks called?

Once you have come up with your answer send the editor an email, and please don't forget to include your full name and postal address. As usual we will publish the winners next issue.

ClipArt set winners

As I am sure you will remember from the last issue Focus Multimedia have kindly donated three of the 20,000 Photos, 5,000 Cartoon Clipart Images, 100,000 Web Graphics and 25,000 Animated Web Graphics CD-ROMs. So we had three sets of clip art up for grabs. As you may recall in order to one one you needed to enter the BogoMips Challenge....

The BogoMips Challenge
As I am sure you recall we had a copy of the BogoMips application on the last issue. All you had to do was run it and try and get either the fastest or slowest figure possible, or, to give everyone an even break, tell us what computer produced the BogoMips figure below.

So on the fastest RISC OS computer (the highest BogoMips figure). Regretfully no one was able to beat our figure, but we will come back to that in a minute, so the highest figure we received was.....

From Darren Northcott, who used an Overclocked Revision S StrongArm and RISC OS 4.02. At this point I should point out that we did get one higher entry form a chap called David Atkins, who apparently tried it on a computer called an "Omega" (Never heard of it - DB), however I am going to disqualify him as his computer wasn't quite finished at the time.

The slowest figure received was also from Darren, using the same machine with the StrongArm clocked down to its normal speed and all the caches turned off, however he isn't going to get two prizes, so the next lowest was from Brian Tunbridge with an A5000.

Which of course only leaves us with one more prize to award, but not a single reader got it right. Some suggested it was from an APDL Turbo card, others a Kinetic, some even suggested a Kinetic and the latest ViewFinder. All wrong, very wrong, very very wrong. The top figure of 156.97 was generated by.......VirtualA5000! For the technically minded it was VirtualA5000 V1.20, running on a 1.7Ghz P4, with WindowsXP and a 64Mb Geforce2MX graphics card. I must say this was a bit of a surprise myself as I figured a Kinetic would beat this (but then I don't have one). The figure was obtained running in 800x600 256 colours.

Want to win!

The only way to win with RISC World is to enter the competition. So in order to stand a chance of winning you will need to send us an e-mail with your answer, and please don't forget to include your full name and address.

Hugh Jampton has been pretending to be Matthew Kelly

RULES: Staff of RISC World and anybody else involved with this promotion may not enter. The editor's decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into. There is no cash alternative to any of the prizes on offer. Winners names will be published within the editorial of the next issue. The closing date is 21st August 2002 - all entries arriving after that date will be re-cycled and turned into box covers for AOL CDs.

Hugh Jampton