RISC World


Aaron Timbrell dives into the software directory.

This issue we have a couple of cracking full commercial products for you to play with, Phantasm and FasterPC

Faster PC - original rrp £19.90

FasterPC was originally developed by Dave Lawrence 10 years ago, and was designed with the simple aim of running DOS and DOS based programs as fast as possible. At the time Acorn had their own PC-Em package that would emulate a PC, but it wasn't that quick. FasterPC was faster and cheaper than the Acorn emulator, although at the time the Acorn emulator did also come bundled with a copy of DR-DOS.
The version of FasterPC supplied with RISCWorld comes complete with a 10Mb DOS partition with the FasterPC utilities disc pre-installed and a copy of FreeDos the freeware clone of MS-Dos. For more details see the FasterPC manual in this issue.

We have also included a DOS tutorial program called DosEA which may prove very useful for those who have never used DOS before. To run the tutorial load !FasterPC and then click SELECT on its icon on the icon bar. DOS Will then start, once the DOS prompt has appeared type

     cd dosea

This will change the Current Directory (hence the CD command) to the DOSEA directory. Now type


The DOS tutorial will now start. And one final thing, to get back to RISC OS hold down the ALT key and click MENU on the mouse.

Phantasm - original rrp £14.90

Before Martin Würthner released his amazing transparency add-on for Artworks there was only one way you do do transparent effects using ArtWorks, Phantasm. Originally published by the same people who are behind Cerilica Vantage, Phantasm allows you do perform all sorts of amazing colour effects with Artworks. Included is the full add-on (a copy of ArtWorks is required to run it) and some example files. We have also included a couple of Martin's tools for ArtWorks users who don't have them.

So the complete DiscWorld contents looks rather like this....


Copies of !CallChnage and !Methods to accompany Kate Crennel's Bell ringing article.


A copy of the AMPlayer program to accompany Dave Holden's article.


The example files that we forgot to put on the last issue.


A full version of the PC Emulator for RISC OS including an installation of FreeDOS.


A copy of the Football Manager game featured in Paul Johnson's article.


The mandelbrot generator as covered in the Letters Page.


All the source code, and the executables from Brian Pickard's series.


All the latest PD, shareware and freeware releases from the PD column.


A full version of the Artworks colour add on.

Aaron Timbrell