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Win one of two copies of the latest DrawWorks

Last months competition was a very simple one, all you had to do was name the latest version of DrawWorks, which of course is DrawWorks Select. The logo that was on the competition page was of course for DrawWorks Third Millennium. Keen RISC World readers would have been able to get the answer from elsewhere in the magazine. So that should teach several readers, including previous winner David Hawes, to read the whole magazine before answering!

So who are our lucky winners this issue? Step forward...

Stephen Parkin
Robin Gordon

A shiny new DrawWorks Select CD will be in the post before you know it!

The end of an era?

This will be the last regular competition page for a while. The reason? Well the reason is quite simple, not enough readers are entering the competition. You would have thought that the act of sending an e-mail would be simple enough and would be easy enough to guarantee a reasonable number of entries, but it doesn't seem to be the case. When we started the "new look" competition page we were getting lots and lots of entries, now it's dwindled to a hand full. If this trend continued we will simply end up just sending the prize to the same person every issue.

However the competition page hasn't been completely killed off. We will still be running the odd competition when we have something really juicy to give away. In the meantime if you are disgusted that the competition won't be running every issue why not send a letter of complaint to the editor?

Hugh Jampton