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The full documentation for the EQ Labs SDL port

The latest version of this port can be obtained from the EQ labs website. This documentation is thr same as that supplied with other ports of SDL.


This library is designed to make it easy to write games that run on Linux, Win32 and BeOS using the various native high-performance media interfaces, (for video, audio, etc) and presenting a single source-code level API to your application. This is a fairly low level API, but using this, completely portable applications can be written with a great deal of flexibility.

The library is loaded as a dynamically linked library on its native platform, and is currently compiled natively for Linux, compiled for Win32 using a Linux hosted GCC cross-compilation environment, and compiled using the EGCS C++ compiler under BeOS.

An introduction to SDL can be found online at:

There are code examples on each of the main library pages, and there are fully fleshed example C++ classes and programs in the examples archive, available on the SDL download page.

For an introduction to basic multi-media programming concepts, you might try some of the following links:


    Sam Lantinga

Table of Contents

  • Full Table of Contents
  • The SDL Guide
  • The SDL Reference
    • Initialization
    • Video
    • Window Manager
    • Event Handling
    • Joystick
    • Audio
    • CDROM
    • Threads
    • Timers

You can download the SDL documentation here.