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With your host... Huuuuugh Jampton! (FX Silence, followed by a few distant coughs)

Welcome to the end of the magazine, no not the end of the magazine, but the end of the magazine, you know, the bit of the magazine that is at the end, as opposed to the bit at the start, which can't be at the end, because it's at the start. Unless of course the magazine is very very small, in fact so small that the start and the end are in the same place. Although of course if you have something big enough, say like the Universe, then the start and end of that could be in the same place, or perhaps not. I hope that's clear.

The caption competition

As you may well remember we ran this photograph last issue and asked for your captions. Well amazingly we actually had some entries, so in no particular order here are those we enjoyed the most.

I'm sure my gold tooth fell into the bowl of sugar puffs I ate this morning - William McNee
I'm sure I can find some more source-code to sell somewhere - S. Morton
Hello, I edit RISCWorld - Hugh Jampton (Watch it! - ED)

So there you have it. So as we got some entries last time I have decided to have another try, so here is this issues photo, with our caption, can you think of a better one?

Simon wondered how much longer he was going to have to wait for his portable to arrive.

If so the why not e-mail it to the editor. If we think any are funnier then I will have them in my next article.

The silly photos

Staring off this month we have an excellent example of stating the blindingly obvious.

And now an excellent, although perhaps somewhat accidental company logo.

And whilst on the subject of signs here is one that just doesn't make any sense at all.

British Lard

This is a website I bumped into by accident over xmas.

Its nice to know that I am not the only person who finds lard very funny. Indeed the website is so funny that I just had to reproduce one of their adverts.

And if you think lard is as funny as I do then why not also pop along to The Daily Nail. Or if you have been involved in "an accident that wasn't your fault" why not take advantage of the services offered by Ambulance, you know it makes sense.

The end

And before I go here is perhaps the best warning sign ever designed.

See you next issue.

Hugh Jampton