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Interdictor II was originally published by Clares Micro Supplies Ltd. With the recent acquisition of most of Clares software catalogue by APDL we at RISC World have decided to give all our readers a copy of Interdictor II free with this issue of RISC World.

The full Interdictor II manual comes in at over 55 pages and is rather difficult to reproduce here so we have produced a condensed set of instructions, and have also included a copy of the Interdictor II flight map and the key, which show which symbols mean what. If you would like a full printed copy of the manual and the full colour A3 size fold out printed flight map then you can send a cheque for £5.00, made payable to APDL, to the normal APDL address.

Starting Interdictor II

Before you can play Interdictor II you will need to enter a couple of colour combinations into the software protection screen. The colours can be found from the chart shown below. As an example if the program asks you to enter the colour from square A1, then you would need to click on the white box on screen, as the colour in box A1 in the chart shown below is white.

The Map Screen

Once you have done this you will find yourself on the main map screen. You may well need to return to this screen while you are playing the game and you can do this by pressing the Star (*) key on the numeric keypad (on RISC OS 3.1 or earlier use the Hash (#) key). You can switch to the 3D view from the aircraft cockpit by pressing the Enter key on the numeric keypad. While you are in the map screen the following key presses can also be used.

  • END - Save current game
  • HOME - Load game
  • SPACE - Toggle between real aircraft and the "flying brick" trainer - note that if you use the flying brick you will be unable to save your game!
  • Keypad 8 - Move one square up on the world map
  • Keypad 2 - Move one square down on the world map
  • Keypad 4 - Move one square left on the world map
  • Keypad 6 - Move one square right on the world map
  • Keypad 0 - Toggle between map and status screen.

The map screen will show you the current state of play using small icons. Live targets are shown as red castles, dead targets are shown as damaged black castles. Enemy missile batterys are shown as red target marks, destroyed missle batterys are shown as grey target marks. The map also shows enemy fighters (in red), cargo planes and trucks.

The Interdictor World

The Interdictor II world is approximately 10,000 square kilometers in size with hundreds of Kms of roads, rivers and railway lines. There are nine combat arenas each with an airfield at the center.

Initially your plane will be on the runway of airfield Alpha. This is a non hostile area, you mission is to remove the enemy from the other arenas. To do this you need to destroy all the targets in that arena and then also destroy the hanger next to the run way. If you are detected attacking a particular arena then the enemy may well bring in extra weapons and supplies by cargo truck. If you run low on fuel or weapons you will need to return to either the Alpha airfield or another Airfield that is no longer under enemy control.

In Game Controls

Once you are sitting in the cockpit of your fighter aircraft you can use the following to control the game.

  • Mouse Movement - control the pitch and yaw of the aircraft
  • Select - increase engine speed
  • Menu - reduce engine speed
  • Adjust - Fire weapon

    In addition the following keys perform these functions.

      • A - Autostabilise (useful if you get the aircraft out of shape, simply let go of the mouse and press A)
      • B - Turn brakes on or off (this will be shown by a cockpit light)
      • D - Air brakes on or off (this will be shown by a cockpit light)
      • E - Engine on/off
      • L - landing gear up/down
      • < - rudder left
      • > - rudder right
      • Keys 1 to 3 - Mouse sensitivity
      • Shift & + - Full throttle
      • Shift & - - Minimum throttle
      • = - increase throttle
      • - - decrease throttle
      • Keypad + - pitch trim up
      • Keypad - - pitch trim down
      • Keypad Enter - reset pitch trim

      You can also control the planes weapon systems with these keys.

      • G - Select Gun
      • S - Select SideWinder
      • R - Select Rocket
      • F - Fire flares
      • C - Drop chaff
      • H - Enable/disable HUD
      • \ - Alter radar zoom scale
      • ; - Select a navigation waypoint
      • [ - Cycle left display mode
      • ] - Cycle right display mode

      You can also control your view of the world using these keys.

      • Keypad # - View map
      • Keypad 8 - Look forward
      • Keypad 5 - Full screen look forward
      • Keypad 2 - Rear view
      • Keypad 4 - Left view
      • Keypad 6 - Right view
      • Keypad 9 - Forward right view
      • Keypad 7 - Forward left view
      • Keypad 1 - Rear left view
      • Keypad 3 - Rear right view

    Finally these keys can also be used during the game.

    P - Pause game

  • N - Engine noise on/off
  • Q - Quiet
  • Escape - quit game
  • End - save game from map screen
  • Home - load game map screen

The Cockpit

That covers all the game controls and only leaves us with the cockpit to explain.

The radar display shows the local area as follows.

  • Green square - enemy fighter
  • Yellow square - enemy cargo plane
  • Red cross - enemy missle battery
  • Yellow cross - enemy airfield
  • Blue cross - captured/safe airfields

The best way to get to grips with Interdictor is to play. Initially its worth exploring the world using the flying brick as this is much easier to control than the real aircraft (bur remember you can't save!). Good luck!

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