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Aaron Timbrell dives headlong into the software directory.

Once again RISC World brings you the biggest selection of new software, and of course a free commercial application with every issue. This issue it's the spreadsheet and table generator TableCalc.


The budget spreadsheet and table generator, ideal for machines with only 1 or 2 Mb of memory. TableCalc is designed to be the perfect introductory or light use spreadsheet. Easy to use and quick TableCalc is ideal for school environments, a site licence version is available from APDL.

  • OLE linking with Impression, simply hold down ctrl and double click on the file to edit it, close the edited file and it will reappear in Impression.
  • Point and click expression editing.
  • Expressions in cells are locked to prevent accidental over typing.
  • Multiple user definable text styles including control over font, size and justification.
  • Export as Draw, TableCalc and CSV.
  • Import CSV from other spreadsheets.
  • Easy to use button bar with common functions.
  • Support of 24bit colour on all machines.
  • Full interactive help display.
  • Copy expressions between slots easily and quickly.
  • Math functions include square root, sine, cosine etc, over 14 in all including VAT calculation.
  • Expression functions include summation, average, power etc.
  • Automatic initialisation of cells with incremental numerical values either across or down.
  • Adjust cell sizes by dragging.
  • Convert between text and numbers.
  • Take snapshots.
  • Multiple files in memory at once.
  • Insert or delete columns/rows both before and after the cursor.
  • Copy and paste individual slots.


  • "...Tablecalc interfaces with Impression using OLE it only takes 260k it is very economical on memory." Acorn User April 95
  • "...should give the producers of schema, resultz and eureka something to think about." Acorn User March 95
  • "...delightful to use.." Alex Singleton Acorn User
  • "Had these features been incorporated in Dalriada's Tablemate II, it might have satisfied the wish list..." Archive August 1995
  • "I particularly like its ease of use, the on-line manual and the reference card." Mr H. Devon
  • "...impressed at how easily I have been able to use it." Mr D. Woking
  • "Thank you very much, it looks great and is just what I needed." Mr C Surrey
  • Acorn User Awards 1995 Runner-up Best Business Software.

DrawWorks Millennium

A version of DrawWorks Millennium to accompany the DrawWorks Select review this issue. This version comes without all the CD extras such as fonts, clip art and the other bundled applications. We originally cover mounted this on Volume 2 Issue 3, but are including it for the readers who joined us with Volumes 3 and 4.

  • DrawWorks Millennium vector/bitmap graphics package
  • Import & Export of EPS PostScript files, import WMF (Windows MetaFiles)
  • Complete integrated package that can be run from CD or hard disk
  • Colour print preview paper simulator system, CMYK and Spot colour separations
  • Tint objects shades of any colour,Alter CMYK/RGB colour levels,Contrast & Brightness tools
  • User defined multi-document text styles & auto convert text to paths when required
  • Comprehensive illustrated on-line manual and realtime interactive help
  • PureTint and Named spot colour pickers & automatic colour filling/tinting tools
  • Map making tool plus Lining style tool with custom styles
  • Automatic drop shadow tool, custom line width / pt size tools
  • Access clips directly from DrawWorks, even those you have added yourself
  • OLE sprite editing using !Paint plus spot colour separate sprite files
  • Configurable user levels, example effect worksheets
  • EuroSymbol support using special fonts & full font editing facilities
  • Tint bitmap images for use as backgrounds, anti-aliased file export (Sprite & GIFF)
  • View font examples without installing, iDesigner application to choose fonts for you
  • DrawTrix image effects processor, produce Isometric 3D projections easily
  • Hierarchical toolbar with grouped tools, tear off object tool bar
  • Full control over Draws preferences including configurable undo buffer
  • Bend objects and text round circles, fit objects and text into pre-defined moulds
  • Print tiling across multiple sheets, all files fully compatible with Draw files
  • Sophisticated CMYK grey component compensation on colour separations
  • Easy to use and quick to master, the professional choice for graphic design
  • Tested on Risc OS 4 (pre release version) and other versions of Risc OS
  • Over 440Mb of applications, fonts & clips, Requires OS 3.1+, 4Mb Ram, CD-ROM


  • "...a vantage beater..." Chris Jarman
  • "...a whole range of new functionality...easy to pick up...a vital feature of only the best software...excellent...really makes a complete package...this is the right purchase..." Acorn User
  • "...undoubtedly the best new CD-Rom for RISCOS that I‘ve seen for a very long time...the company‘s best-value product to date. buy it without hesitation." Risc User
  • "...convenient and user friendly...very effective...superb value for money."Acorn Publisher
  • "...advanced colour options...value for professional users...a seriously good application...outstanding value for a collection of graphic design programs that can be thoroughly recommended." Eureka Issue 33

The complete DiscWorld line up


The code for Paul Johnson's Football Manager game.


All the games from this issues games world column, featuring a number of releases from Neil White.


The HTML search program missing from some copies of RISCWorld Volume 3.


A complete version of DrawWorks Millennium to accompany the DrawWorks Select review.


All the latest PD, shareware and freeware releases from the PD column.


The full version of the commercial spreadsheet and table generator from APDL.


The latest 26/32 bit neutral system components, required if you want to run a lot of new software releases on 26bit machines (ie. anything that isn't an Iyonix).

Aaron Timbrell