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This issue the letters page is Sponsored by Andrew Harmsworth...

And here he is for the first time...

Hi Aaron
About to do a news item for on RW6... Looks like a big issue - especially with issues 1-5 as well. :-)
Keep up the good work!
Happy Easter
Andrew Harmsworth

Ta, I will try and keep up the good work, well that is assuming I have been doing any good work, which I am not quite sure about (I'm sure - HJ). At present we are still running ahead of ourselves with RISC World, so I can be working on as many as 3 issues at the same time. Which can be fun when you have a series article in each one. So far I have not managed to mix any up and publish a series in the wrong order, but Murphy's law says it's going to happen sooner or later. Anyway no sooner had I replied then like magic this appeared...

Hi Aaron
Sorry to read about your windscreen.
Andrew Harmsworth

For more on the windscreen saga see this issues editorial...

Anyway you may well recall the problem Acorn computer that wouldn't boot from the last issue. I came up with a number of suggestions as to what the problem could be, but I forgot at least one critical instruction...

Hi Aaron
Re: Item on letters page.
With regards to the school Acorn the only other command which may be needed is *Opt4,2 to make sure the harddrive is bootable. Also could you add our User Group to your list:
The Hemel Hempstead RISC OS User Group
email: or John Sandford
John Sandford

I have passed this on to the person concerned but haven't had any reply so far, so I have no idea if this actually fixed the problem or not. I have asked the author to update the user group list for the next issue. In the mean time for anyone else who has any Acorn/RISC OS related problems Andrew Harmswoth (what again? - HJ) had this to say.

Can I suggest you point the person whose RISC OS 3 Acorn in a school isn't working to the RISC OS Education list thing? has all the details. If they email the list, they'll get some help. I hope!

I have also passed this on, but again got no response so I don't know if they have joined the list or not. On another subject from John Sandfords letter, user groups, Andrew also had this to say.

As part-time webmaster of AAUG, it is great to see our groups getting their own article in RISC World... but it's a shame that a number of the groups listed are (most certainly) non operational, and their web links (as included in the article) completely dead.
Now, I know that this is also true on the AAUG website, but until I'm informed otherwise, I won't remove or update a club's page. Simple policy, but it works for me!
Also On:
there's a link to:
"Nutshells": which is DEAD! (see previous email re: AAUG article).
The correct link is:
Of which I'm an editor! :-)
It would be nice to see published links in RW checked, however.

Sorry about the dead links in the user groups article, it came in rather later than it was supposed to have done, which was no fault of the authors and I simply didn't get a chance to do all the checking. However let's start again. In order to compile an accurate list could anyone who runs, or is involved, with a user group please send me an email containing the contact information, and I will pass these details on to the article author so he can compile an accurate and up to date list that actually functions, then we can produce a valid link article which would be a very useful resource.

Finally at least one reader remembered an editorial from a couple of issues ago...

Dear Aaron,
I give below an excerpt from Volume 3 Issue 5 of Risc World:
"I could find plenty to rant about, but you will have to wait a little bit longer to find out what. As soon as we are able to bring you the full stories we will. In the mean time I am going to keep schtum. When you see the next RISC World you will know why."
Well, I have Vol 3 Issue 6 now, but have seen none of the rants and revelations to which you alluded. Did you forget or are these stories still too controversial for us mere customers? ;-)
Richard Nevill.

Well I still have the article(s) concerned sitting on my hard drive, and I still can't publish them at this point. We really were hoping to be able to have done so before Christmas, but things that are beyond our control simply haven't worked out the way we were hoping. As soon as we can publish them we will. As of today (the 27th of May) I am hoping that we can get them in the next RISC World, the one that comes out in July. Mind you if things actually move the way we hope I may even be persuaded to do another 7 issue volume. Until we can publish I am afraid everyone will just have to sit and wait, sorry.

Finally no edition of RISC World would be complete without our regular "cock-up corner"...

Dear Aaron,
Where is the HTML searching program for the RISC World Volume 3 CD? I have looked everywhere but I can't find it. Even stranger a friend of mine has a copy of RISC World volume 3 and his CD has it!
Kevin Simpson

Ah well, some of the CDs were produced without this being included. We did produce it in time, we had it all ready to go and then forgot to include it on the first batch of CDs, sorry. It has been included in this issue along with the instructions so you will need to copy it to your hard disc and then put in the RISC World Volume 3 CD.

Well that is it for this issues letters page, and in fact its been a little lighter than usual. So why not see if you can get your name in lights and get your letter published by RISC World.

Aaron Timbrell