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Aaron Timbrell probes into the software directory

This issue we are giving all our readers a free copy of Recycler, the recycle bin application originally developed by Fabis Computing, and now owned by APDL and ProAction.


Recyler offers a "Windows" style recycle bin, where all your deleted files are kept. Normally, whenever a file is deleted it cannot be recovered and your work is lost. With the Recycler application installed you can recover and manage these files, a little like having an 'undo' option for your hard drive.

Recycler stores all files as they are deleted in what is called a 'Bin' directory. Files can then be recovered from this 'Bin' before they are actually deleted.

Recycler must be running in order to grab files as they are being deleted; it cannot recover previously deleted files.

The 'Bin' is normally located inside the Recycler application, however you can move it to another location. See the section 'Choices'.

You should note that Recycler needs enough disc space to store the file you are deleting, since it is in effect copied to the 'Bin' before it is removed from the disc.

It is of vital importance that the 'Bin' directory is not tampered with in any way. You should not try to add or remove files, or delete the 'Bin' directory itself. Failure to observe this warning could result in your losing the previously deleted files.

The complete DiscWorld line up


Any example program listings from BASIC a DabHand guide.


Support materials for Brian Pickards file transfer series.


All the games from this issues games world column all ported by Peter Naulls.


The Acorn application for generating RiscPC screen modes.

Also included is an example MDF (Monitor Definition File) produced for a 21" Formac ProNitron monitor (effectively a 21" Sony). This includes a number of higher refresh modes, including a 1600 x 1200 68Hz mode, which looks very impressive. Note that you should check the specifications of your monitor before using this MDF as it is designed for large high spec CRT displays.


All the latest PD, shareware and freeware releases from the PD column.


The complete version of Recycler.


Sample text areas from Dave Holdens article.


This contains two sets of Toolbox Modules. The Castle archive contains the latest 26/32 bit neutral system components, required if you want to run a lot of new software releases on 26bit machines (ie. anything that isn't an Iyonix). The RISCOS Ltd archive contains later and improved versions of a number of modules and is suitable for all versions of RISC OS from 3.1 onwards.

Aaron Timbrell