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The Hugh Jampton Experience

Yes, live from inside David Blains' sleeping's.......Hugh Jampton!!!!!

Phew! What a whiff, oi, stop shaking the box! Anyway yes here I am again to round off yet another RISC World with more laughter packed rubbish.

Last issues caption competition

Last issue we had this as the photo for the caption competition ....

Well we didn't get just 10 entries, or 20 or even 30, no we got one, one measly entry! Here I am slaving away for 15 minutes every two months writing this column (surely rubbish? - ED) and you can't even be bothered to enter, all of you can see me after class. Well all of you except Ian Semple who came up with this...

Are you sure? So, this is not a computer simulation!!!

So Ian can go to the top of the class and gets a gold star, which will be very handy if he ever gets a job in McDonalds.

This months Caption Competition

Perhaps we might get some entries for this picture?

Send your entries to and we will print the cleanest ones. Any complaints should be sent here.

This months collection of vaguely amusing images has an advertising feel to it. Expect for a new logo for my favourite game show. Apart from the Welsh version of The Weakest Link, called The Weakest Leak.

Yes, but of course no evening is complete without a good dinner.

Ah, something else that comes in handy for a pleasant evening.

And if that doesn't work you could always stay at home.

Although you might need to pop down the shops for a few essentials.

But at least you know that when you come back there will be some TV to watch.

Mind you if you spend too long in front of the TV this might come in handy.

Of course some people just prefer an early night...

Until next time

Well that is another £50 for old rope, I would buy something more useful with the money but I have simple tastes.

Hugh Jampton