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Well it seems as though last issue's column went off without a hitch (that's because you sent it in on time - ED). So as per usual we will start off with the absolute joy that is our caption competition...

Last issues caption competition

So last issue I asked if anyone could come up with a caption for this:

And it seems as though some of you could.

"Photo of Microsofts top programmers for their new operating system"
Kevin Wells

"I see that Microsoft are hard at work on the new version of Windows"
William McNee

William also sent in his missing caption for 2 issues ago, which was "This flight simulator is so realistic, even the pilots look real...what do you mean this isn't a simulation...". Thank you, a years subscription to Archimedes World will be in the post.

"I thought the monkeys were supposed to be typing Shakespeare not reading it!"
Andrew Pinder

"If cousin Tolkein can do it, so can we!"
Chris Jarman

"All on board for the pearly Gates."
Geoff Williams

However the winner (again) is Alan Shooter with...

"Enron accountants at work. (My apologies to the chimps)."

So well done to Alan, and better luck next time to our losers.

This issue's photo

So can anyone come up with a caption for this?

Send your entries to and you too could get a chance to have your name immortalised in glorious HTML.

So what rubbish has been sent to me in the last few weeks?

Lets start with the "world's favourite ISP".

Still AOL aren't the only company with a near monopoly.

However some people might argue that a monopoly isn't such a bad thing.

And now could someone please count the number of black circles for me.

Now something that our older readers might agree with...

And finally here is something for the true ARM enthusiast.

Hugh Jampton