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Paul Brett with the latest freeware and PD releases for RISC OS.

BogoFilter - Stefan Bellon

I featured BogoFilter in the last issue, but it has been updated and it's well worth putting in the software directory again. Stefan's read me file explains all about the new changes and you will need to read this. The main changes are that the format of the wordlist has changed and some configuration options have been removed, the options removed are:

  • additional wordlists (e.g. ignore)
  • separate wordlist mode
  • ignore case
  • tokenization of HTML tags
  • tokenization of HTML script
  • choice of algorithm

If you used any of those features previously then you have to change your configuration.


FewerGif - Gavin Wraith

Now an usual item, a Techwriter extension. If you convert a TechWriter document to a webpage the mathematical text gets converted to GIF files. Unfortunately the conversion process does not test to see whether a new GIF file is actually needed, so you may end up with thousands of identical GIF files, one for each instance of a piece of mathematical text. This application can be used to prune the redundant GIF files corresponding to inline mathematical text. It corrects the IMG tag references so that the resulting webpage looks identical to the original. To use FewerGif simply load it so that its icon appear on the icon bar and drag the HTML file generated by TechWriter to the FewerGif icon.

FewerGif requires a copy of !RiscLua and I have included this in the archive with FewerGif.

MiscSetup - Paul Vigay

MiscSetup is intended for the Iyonix, although some features can be used on earlier machines if you follow the instructions supplied. MiscSetup is designed to allow a user easy access to some of the "hidden" RISC OS configuration options, these include:

  • Setting the default desktop font size.
  • Setting the default NextSlot
  • Setting LMTransport configuration
  • Replacing the Iyonix switcher icon with the old Acorn one.


Money2 - Chris Wragg

Money2 keeps a record of up to ten individual accounts which may include normal bank accounts, credit card accounts, and savings accounts. It provides a facility to budget under up to twenty different headings, and keeps track of bankers orders at monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual payments. Data files are located within the software directory, and allow up to 1200* records per file which should enable a full year of financial records to be kept together before starting a new file. In short, it provides a one-stop program for managing household accounts, keeping track of both savings and expenditure.


NewsRoom - Paul Vigay

NewsRoom simulates the workings of a news room, receiving snippets of information, from various sources and displaying it as it arrives. Simply double-click on the !NewsRoom application to load the program into the computer and install an icon on the icon bar. Clicking SELECT on the icon bar icon will open the main simulation window and display the program title and information. In order to use the application you need to load a news story database, a sample news story database called June is supplied.

Load a news story database into !NewsRoom simply by dragging the whole directory onto either !NewsRoom's icon bar icon or onto it's open window. Once a new database is loaded, assuming it's a valid !NewsRoom database, the main simulation window will open and the name of the loaded database will be displayed. Once the simulation is running, each news story will be displayed in the main window as it arrives.


TapirMail - David Llewellyn-Jones

TapirMail is a new POP3 email client for RISC OS computers. It is ideally suited for people who want to check their mail on the move, or on multiple machines. RISC OS already has a number of truly excellent email clients, such as Messenger Pro and Pluto. TapirMail is not intended to replace either of these programs, but instead has been designed to complement them. TapirMail has the following features:

  • Built in POP3 and SMTP protocol support for receiving and sending emails
  • Saves no files to disc, ensuring safe use on any machine
  • Multiple email account settings
  • Allows the encryption of account details using Blowfish
  • Indent colouring to improve email readability
  • Downloads only those emails requested; ideal for slower connections
  • Small program size can easily be fitted on a floppy disc
  • Ideal for use with a USB pen drive


    ViewXLS - Anton Reiser

    !ViewXLS is a viewer for native MS-Excel-Files under RISC-OS. It has been tested with a RISC OS 3.7 RiscPC, a RISC OS 4 StrongArm machine, a Kinetic/RO4.03 and an Iyonix and is linked with StubsG, so it should work with 26 bit and 32 bit SharedCLibraries. !ViewXLS only shows the results of cell-content, this means that it does not show formulas, objects (graphs etc), outlines, macros or pivot-tables. !ViewXLS should work with the newest native Excel-File-Formats and has ben tested with Excel 4.0, Excel 5.0, Excel 95, Excel97, Excel 2000 and Excel XP Files.

    To load an Excel file make sure it is correctly filetyped (&BA6) and then either double click on it or drop it on the !ViewXLS icon on the icon bar. Choose Excel-Sheet from the menu to display an other sheets from the workbook (if there are any).


    Signing off

    There are some very interesting applications in development at the moment, hopefully I will be able to reveal more next time.

    Paul Brett