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Yet again I find myself writing a column for the last issue of a volume of RISCWorld, which, let's face it, is better than finding yourself at the bottom of a ditch with a traffic cone, a shopping trolley and a hangover. So without further ado why don't we kill the brain cells that other magazines can't reach and have a look at last issue's caption competition...

Last issues caption competition

Those of you who are still awake may remember this from last issue:

Well I can count the number of entries on the knees (surely McNee's - ED) of one leg

"'Please no...I don't want to go over to the dark side...Heeeeeeeelp!"
William McNee

Which is a good caption, in fact it's the best caption from a field of one. So I therefore have no hesitation in naming William as this issue's winner. So in the vain hope that we might get some more entries this issue lets move along.

This issues photo

So what can devious RISC OS minds come up with for this?

Send your entries to and you too could get a chance to have your name appear on your own monitor in glorious monochrome.

Hugh's picture gallery

Lets start of with a quick set of photos that was sent to me by Aaron, and includes a number of excellent ways to lose your job...

Firstly by trying to wing it.

By having a nice rest.

Of course when you know it's gone wrong you do get that sinking feeling.

By playing Jenga on too large a scale.

And finally popping out to the canteen for a squash.

Well that only leaves me a little of bit of space for out usual collection of Windoze based humour...

If you do see the chap above, then I recommend this...

But I certainly don't recommend this.

And as is becoming a tradition in this column lets finish with the cute furry animal.....

Hugh Jampton